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DateNews Release Article
11/16/2011 Remarks by Administrator Johnson at the Enterprise Center in Philadelphia
11/15/2011 Remarks by Administrator Johnson at the National Association of Energy Service Companies’ Federal Market Workshop
11/14/2011 Johnson Says GSA Provides Best Value for Government Contracting Needs
11/10/2011 Johnson Unveils Natchez Federal Courthouse World War I Memorial Plaques
10/30/2011 Johnson Says GSA is Helping to Green Government
08/29/2011 Johnson Says GSA Provides Best Value for Government Purchasing
08/08/2011 Johnson Says Sustainability is all about Wringing Out Inefficiencies and Boosting Performance
07/26/2011 At Fedfleet, Johnson Says GSA is Here to Help Agencies Implement Environmentally Friendly Governmentwide Fleet Practices
07/20/2011 Johnson Says GSA will be a Model for Consumers Everywhere by Supporting the Development of Sustainable Electronics and Sensible Recycling Solutions.
06/14/2011 Johnson Addresses Bureau of Land Management Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
05/24/2011 Johnson Says New Electric Fleet Program Lays Foundation for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
05/11/2011 Johnson Says Innovation Key to Successful Partnership Between Government and Industry
05/05/2011 Johnson Says Government, Industry are Innovation Partners
04/28/2011 Johnson Hails GSA's Partnership with Marines
04/22/2011 Johnson Hails Agency's Small Business Partnerships
04/20/2011 Johnson Says Collaborative Partnerships Can Help Fuel Growth of Alternative Fuel Vehicles
04/13/2011 Johnson Reaffirms GSA's Commitment to Aid Small Businesses in Government Contracting
04/06/2011 Administrator Johnson Says Small Businesses Drive American Innovation and Competitiveness
03/15/2011 At IRMCO Conference, Johnson Ennumerates Features of a High Performance Government and Shows that GSA is Poised to Take the Lead
02/24/2011 Johnson Hails Green Features Planned at New San Ysidro Land Port of Entry
01/20/2011 Johnson Praises Design Award Winners For Sustainability, Design Innovation
01/14/2011 Johnson Pays Tribute to King's Legacy, Rededicates MLK Federal Building After Major Renovations