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GSA Podcast launches second season with conversation on jobs and sustainability

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From better building materials to better wages for workers in the building industry, Administrator Robin Carnahan and Jason Walsh, Executive Director of the Blue Green Alliance, lead off Season 2 of GSA’s flagship podcast, “GSA Does That!?”

The first season of the podcast included 14 episodes covering topics ranging from how to buy a lighthouse, to the impact of federal architecture and outreach to Native nations.  The podcast had an aggregate of over 6,000 listeners and ranked in the top 10% of government produced podcasts.  

In the first episode of the second season - which was released this week - Carnahan and Walsh discuss how GSA is seeking out American-made, low-embodied carbon building materials and deploying other sustainable building practices as part of GSA’s multi-billion-dollar investments through the Inflation Reduction Act.

The two also discuss GSA’s march toward President Biden’s goal of net-zero emissions in the federal building portfolio by 2045.

“When the president talks about sustainability investments, he thinks jobs,” Carnahan said. “I think that, too, and I talk about sustainability as a triple win: good-paying American jobs, reducing energy costs, and healthier communities for us and the next generation. It just makes good sense.”

Walsh notes the benefits for U.S. business and workers.

“Reducing air and water pollution has benefited U.S. workers and the economy. Fuel economy standards have driven growth in the auto industry,” he said. “It’s our job to build a bridge between labor and environment to create benefits and solutions to both.” 

How else does GSA lead sustainability? Listen to the GSA Podcast to find out even more, including how the Green Proving Ground is transforming federal buildings into testbeds for clean energy innovation as well as how GSA is leveraging its buying power to support carbon-pollution-free electricity in the marketplace.  

About GSA Does That!?

“GSA Does That!?” is a podcast by the General Services Administration, offering listeners a behind-the-scenes look at GSA’s work to deliver for the American people. As GSA embarks on season two of the podcast, we’re excited to bring you more in-depth and enlightening conversations with inspiring government leaders, forward-thinking industry partners, and more. 

From cutting-edge green technology to billion-dollar acquisitions, each episode is promised to be packed with stories and insights that will both surprise and engage. So be sure to join us in Season Two of GSA Does That!? 

Episodes are available across podcasting platforms as well as on GSA’s podcast web page​​​​​​.​