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GSA to host Artificial Intelligence Hackathon July 31

| GSA Blog Team
Post filed in: Technology

The General Services Administration and federal partners are hosting an AI-themed Hackathon in Washington, Atlanta, and New York City on July 31, focused on using AI to optimize government websites and digital services for a future in which Americans will increasingly rely on generative AI tools to find information and access services. 

The question this hackathon hopes to help answer is: How should federal websites evolve to meet this future? The event aims to advance GSA’s efforts, consistent with the Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, to support the responsible and effective government use of AI to deliver better results for the American people – while at the same time mitigating its risks.

A pool of $10,000 in prize money is up for grabs by competition winners. Participants will be challenged to reimagine specific federal websites in a way that optimizes AI and user experience. GSA and event co-sponsors will provide participants with access to some of the most widely used AI and cloud tools to leverage large language models (LLM), write code, propose development standards, and create features that increase the reliability of AI services that interface w/ government information systems.

“This Hackathon is focused on helping us optimize our services for the American people as they use these AI tools more, in the same way earlier technologies helped us evolve,” said Zach Whitman, GSA’s Chief AI and Data Officer. “GSA is always looking to use new tools to deliver more effectively for the American people - and we’re now looking to do the same using AI.”

Those interested in signing up for the Hackathon must be 18 years or older. Participants may register with a team of no more than five people, or as an individual. Individuals who wish to participate with a team, but do not have one, can request one from GSA. 

Learn more and join the competition at Federal AI Hackathon.