GSA is committed to the preservation of America's historic building legacy. Learn more about history of public architecture and the government's ongoing stewardship of these community landmarks.


Architecture and Government

At the nation's founding, the federal government began planning for public buildings that would serve both functional and ceremonial purposes. Classically inspired architecture became a symbol of the democratic ideals of the newly formed government.

Created in 1949, GSA is the proud steward of more than 480 historic buildings constructed between the early nineteenth and mid twentieth centuries. Discover how federal building design has evolved through history and responded to changes in technology, society, and architectural thought.

Ceiling with stained glass window

Extending the Legacy: GSA Historic Building Stewardship

GSA's historic preservation program provides national leadership for compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act and other historic building stewardship directives. The agency is committed to reinvesting in the country's landmarks so that they may continue to serve the American people.

Recent successes include:

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-13