Citrix Workspace

Configure the App

Screenshot of step 1 of citrix login1. Tap "Got It"

Screenshot of step 2 of citrix login2. Tap "Get Started"

Screenshot of step 3 of citrix login3.Enter the address of the GSA Mobile Computing website hosting your published applications
(, and select Continue

Screenshot of step 4 of citrix login4. Enter your ENT user name and Your Network\ENT password. Select Sign on.

1046695. You will then be prompted to provide your Credentials and Domain (ENT) one more time. Select Log On.

Screenshot of step 6 of citrix login6. Citrix Workspace will open and will display the resources you are entitled to use. These resources will be categorized in Apps or Desktops.

1046707. By default Citrix Workspace will open to the Home Screen. If you’d like to create shorter list of those applications that you use all the time, you’ll need to do what is called adding an application to your Workspace Home Screen.

1046708. To start seeing your apps or desktop, you will need to click on the three lines on the left top of your screen.Select Apps or Desktops.

Last Reviewed: 2020-01-29