Specifically designed for ConcurGov users. Only existing ConcurGov users can use this app. To perform all tasks with the app, certain configurations will need to be turned on by your organization.

Please ensure you downloaded the ConcurGov mobile app and not the Concur mobile app which is for the private sector.

Configure the App

Screenshot of step 1 for concur login1. Open the ConcurGov Mobile App. Click on the SSO Company Code Sign-in button

Screenshot of step 2 for concur login2. Enter the agency code when prompted. The code is RY7DD9 (Note: the code never changes.)

Screenshot of step 3 for concur login3. Enter your ENT username, and click "Submit"

Screenshot of step 4 for concur login4. Choose a delivery method for your 1-time passcode

Screenshot of step 5 for concur login5. Enter the passcode you have received

Last Reviewed: 2020-01-29