Fleet Electrification

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GSA is the federal government’s “one-stop shop” for supporting the transition of the federal fleet to a 100% zero-emission vehicle fleet. We procure the vehicles the government needs, acquire the infrastructure to power those vehicles, and contract for the installation of the equipment needed to get this effort started.

We are here to answer your questions. Check out the resources available and let us help you get started!

Get Your Electric Vehicle Charging Station

GSA has a variety of level 1, 2, and DC fast charging stations along with photovoltaic and portable options. There are options for network and operations/maintenance plans, along with installation assistance and station activation.

Learn more about GSA's Charging Infrastructure Offerings.

Explore Alternative Financing & Support

Engage with your local utility regarding your site’s current and future EV-related energy needs.

Install Your Electric Vehicle Charging Station

GSA offers support including:

  • Electric vehicle supply equipment installation
  • Feasibility studies and site assessments
  • Construction and design-build services
  • Utility company coordination
  • Electrical infrastructure upgrades (e.g., switchgear, transformers, etc.)
  • Site work services (e.g., trenching, bollards, signage, pavement markings, etc.)
  • Equipment testing and commissioning

GSA has awarded Governmentwide Design/Build and Construction IDIQ Contracts for EVSE Installation and Related Infrastructure at federal locations nationwide.

For installation support tailored to your needs, please contact the PBS EV Infrastructure PMO.

Acquire Electric Vehicles

GSA has zero-emission vehicles such as:

  • Battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, which use electricity to power the electric motor, and
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which use both gasoline and electricity to propel the vehicle.

Learn more about all of GSA's Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

Learn About Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure

A variety of free web-based, instructor led training, and self-teaching tools is available.

Work with GSA

GSA can assist and work with your agency for all your infrastructure needs.

  • GSA Managed Space or GSA Leased Space: GSA Facility Managers
  • Multi-Site/National Requests or Non-GSA Managed Space: PBS EV Infrastructure PMO
  • Hardware, Software, Make-Ready Services Only: GSA Fleet Team

Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure News:

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-10