Government to Citizens (G2C)

Getting closer to the public you serve.

The purpose of G2C is to empower federal agencies to evaluate decentralized workplace locations for their organizations. By relocating federal employees to communities where they can interact with constituencies directly, this initiative aims to attract and retain great public servants while better serving the American people.

Government to Citizens (G2C) Playbook

The Government to Citizens (G2C) Playbook presents a strategic and data-driven framework for evaluating relocation, which is modeled after private-sector standards. It provides a methodology for using location as a catalyst for optimizing an agency’s mission and operational strategy. The playbook provides guidelines for conducting dialogue and planning about decentralization that focus on long-term agency vision, communications, innovations in organizational operations, workforce talent, and geography. The G2C Playbook is a collaboration between GSA, OMB, OPM, and DOL.

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Government to Citizens (G2C) rethinks the location and design of the federal workplace to maximize an agency’s service to the American people. An agency should reflect internally to identify opportunities, within both their operational and support functions, to create an integrated experience for those they serve. G2C empowers an agency to make data-driven location decisions which can optimize front/back office processes, reach talent and provide efficient public service.

Last Reviewed: 2022-06-07