Office Supply Fourth Generation (OS4) Awarded Vendors

Below is a list of awardees identified by the Special Item Number (SIN) with the socioeconomic indicators that signify the business size and business status of the contractor:

  • S - Small business
  • O - Other than small business
  • W - Women Owned business
  • WO - Women Owned Small business
  • EW - Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small business (EDWOSB)
  • V - Veteran Owned Small business
  • DV - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
  • D - SBA Certified Small Disadvantaged business
  • 8a - SBA Certified 8(a) firm
  • H - SBA Certified HUBZone firm
SIN 339940OS4 (formerly 75 220) - Office Products & Services
Awardee Contract # Socio-economic status
ABM Federal Sales 47QSEA19D000B S
Access Products, Inc. 47QSEA19D00BR S/DV
Amerisys, Inc. 47QSEA20D003J S
ASE Direct, Inc 47QSEA19D00BV S/DV
All-Citi Toner, Inc. dba ACT Supplies 47QSEA19D007N S
Automation Aids, Inc. 47QSEA19D0074 S
Aviate Enterprises, Inc. 47QSEA20D004P S/D/DV/H
BahFed Corp.
47QSEA20D009S S/V/D/8a/H
Ball Office Products, LLC 47QSEA20D000P S/W/WO
Bluebay Office Inc. 47QSEA20D003U S/W/WO/EW
BZ Defense LLC 47QSEA20D0073 S/WO/EW/D/H
Capstone Office Products, LLC 47QSEA20D002J S/W/WO
Cartridge Plus, Inc. 47QSEA20D007L S/W/WO
Cartridge Savers, Inc. 47QSEA19D0037 S/D
Competitive Choice, Inc. 47QSEA20D005G S/D/WO
Crimson Imaging Supplies, LLC 47QSEA20D0096 S/W/WO/EW/D
Document Imaging Dimensions, Inc. 47QSEA19D00B9 S
EME Solutions, Inc. 47QSEA20D004E S
Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc. 47QSEA19D001M S/W/WO
Guernsey Office Products 47QSEA19D004Q S
Gorilla Stationers, LLC 47QSEA20D006H S/W
Government Office Technologies, LLC 47QSEA20D005H S/W/WO
Jacobs Gardner Supply Co., Inc. 47QSEA20D003Q S/W/WO
L C Industries, Inc. 47QSEA20D001S O
McCormick, Linda 47QSEA20D007R S/D/W/WO/EW
Minton-Jones Company 47QSEA19D007U S
MJL Enterprises, LLC 47QSEA19D009B S/DV
Mono Machines LLC 47QSEA18D008C S
Myriad Greeyn LLC 47QSEA20D002G S/DV/D/H
New Century Imaging, Inc. 47QSEA19D0094 S/W/WO
Noble Sales Co., Inc. 47QSEA19D00AY S
Northeast Office Supply Company, LLC 47QSEA19D00CT S/V
Office Depot* 47QSEA20D005Q O
The Office Group, Inc. 47QSEA20D004W S/W/WO
Pacific Ink, Inc. 47QSEA19D006Y S/W/WO/
Pacific NorthWest Business Products, Inc. 47QSEA19D0042 S/D/V
Pacific Office Solutions, LLC 47QSEA20D002H S/W/WO/EW/D/H
Pashupati, Ltd. 47QSEA20D0063 S/D/EW/WO
Perfect Output, LLC 47QSEA19D000D S/V/D
Premier & Companies, Inc. 47QSEA20D0043 S
RGH Enterprises Inc. 47QSEA20D005X S/D/H
S&B Computer and Office Products, Inc. 47QSEA20D0079 S/D/EW/WO
Saitech Inc. 47QSEA20D007B S/D
Shelby Distributions Inc. dba Express Office Products 47QSEA20D000W S/W/WO/EW/DV/D
Sita Business Systems, Inc. 47QSEA19D0065 S/W/WO
Staples, Inc.* 47QSEA19D008T O
Sterile Services, Co. 47QSEA19D0002 S/W/EW/WO/ V/DV/D/8a/H
Sterling Business Machines, Inc. DBA SBM Business Equipment Center 47QSEA20D0 01N S/W/WO
Tera Consulting, Inc. 47QSEA20D0015 S/W/WO/EW/D/8a
Tri Industries NFP 47QSEA20D006S O
TSRC, Inc. 47QSEA20D008E S/WO
U.S. Reprographics Corporation dba 47QSEA19D0069 S
Zapopan Business Group, LLC 47QSEA19D006Z S/W/WO/EW

*Contractor offers walk-in store locations

This following SIN covers products and services for use in overseas destinations outside of the 48 contiguous states. Contractors will provide delivery within 7 business days after receipt of order (ARO) in the stated geographic coverage area.

SIN 339940OVER (formerly 75 280)- Overseas Office Products & Services
Awardee Contract # Socio-economic status Overseas Delivery Geographic Coverage
Noble Sales Co., Inc. 47QSEA19D00AY S Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom

*Walk-in stores: Walk-in stores are fully-staffed vendor brick and mortar locations. They must offer point of sale discounts equal or better than the MAS contract price on all supplies and services to any authorized user. They must accept government purchase cards at the point of sale.

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