GSA Logo Policy

These GSA logos are available for customers and vendors by request. The GSA Advantage, GSA Contract, and GSA Schedule logos are the only logos approved for use by GSA contractors.

Use of these designs does not eliminate the requirements that a contractor comply with the provisions of the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) clause 552.203-71, Restrictions on Advertising. It is appropriate to use the designs in an advertisement directed to federal government contract users, provided that the advertisement does not state or imply that the product or service is endorsed or preferred by the government.


If you have questions about how to use the Star Mark, contact Max Stempora at in the Office of Strategic Communication.

By using these logos, you agree to be bound by and comply with our Star Mark logo policy guidelines and the provisions of the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation clause 552.203-71, "Restrictions on Advertising."


This policy applies to the use of our Star Mark, including all GSA registered Star Mark logos, namely the schedule, contract holder and GSA Advantage! logos, on all contractor-produced materials, including advertising and other promotional writing, presentations, correspondence, websites and business cards.

GSA Star Mark Logo Policy for GSA Contract/Schedule Holders and other non-GSA Entities

1. General Guidance

If you're a current GSA Multiple Award Schedules Program or contract-holder, you can use the schedule and/or contact holder logo(s). These logos include our Star Mark, along with an identifier, namely the word "schedule," "contract holder," or "Advantage!" You can use the GSA Advantage! logo only if you're registered with GSA Advantage. You can use only the logos as set forth below on your commercial materials, but our logos should never take prominence over your company's name or logo on your materials. Except for the limited exception to link a Web page directly to the GSA portal, you cannot use the GSA Star Mark without an identifier. Here are the acceptable logos and their identifiers:

Schedule graphic for table intro

Contract Holder Graphic in .jpg Format

All of our contracts include this clause:


The contractor shall not refer to the GSA schedule or contract in commercial advertising or similar promotions in such a manner as to state or imply that the product or service provided is endorsed or preferred by the White House, the Executive Office of the President, or any other element of the federal government, or is considered by these entities to be superior to any other products or services. Any advertisement by the contractor, including price-off coupons, that refers to a military resale activity, shall contain the following statement: "This advertisement is neither paid for nor sponsored, in whole or in part, by any element of the United States Government."

The U.S. General Services Administration Star Mark is a registered Mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is only for the official use of the GSA. Contractors are not authorized to use the GSA Star Mark alone.

GSA Star Mark

2. Web Pages

Your main web page cannot include our logo unless all products and services on succeeding pages are part of your contract with us. If not, you can put the logo only on the page that's applicable to the contract.

Your websites may not display the GSA Star Mark without the "contract holder" and/or "schedule" and/or "Advantage!" identification, except to link visitors directly to the GSA portal, If you link to, you must clearly identify that it's GSA's site.

You cannot animate the GSA Star Mark.

3. Promotional Materials, Fliers and/or Presentations, etc.

You can only display the GSA "schedule," "contract holder" or GSA "Advantage!" logos on advertising or promotional materials that promote items on a GSA schedule or contract.

4. Business Cards

We do not recommend putting the GSA "schedule," "contract holder" or GSA "Advantage!" logos on your business cards. However, if you wish to display them on business cards, you cannot use the GSA "schedule," "contract holder" or GSA "Advantage!" logos near your logo. Your logo should me more prominent than the Star Mark. The GSA "schedule," "contract holder" or GSA "Advantage!" logo should be in the lower right-hand corner of the card.

5. Contractor Catalog

You cannot display the GSA "schedule," "contract holder" or GSA "Advantage!" logos on the cover of your catalog unless all item(s) in the catalog are under a GSA schedule or contract. If not, you have to put the logos to the right of the applicable item.

6. Graphic Standards

Color: Consistent use of color promotes maximum recognition for the GSA Star Mark.

Primary colors: PANTONE 541 C is the preferred color for the GSA Star Mark and should be used wherever possible, with the GSA name reversed out in white. Use PANTONE 2945 U when printing on uncoated stock. Because uncoated stock absorbs more ink, causing a slight variation in color, PANTONE 2945 U means a closer color match to GSA Blue. Use PANTONE 541 C for coated paper. The "schedule," "contract holder," and contract number text should be 70 percent black.

Two-color: If you're not using GSA Blue for the logo, the only other color you can use is black. The Star Mark should be reproduced as a 70 percent tint of black, with the GSA name reversed out in white.

Single color: Materials printed in a single color should be either Pantone 541C blue or black. When using black, if the work is professionally printed, the GSA Star Mark should be 70 percent black. Reproducing the GSA Star Mark in solid black is allowed only for laser-printed jobs.

Clear space: The GSA Star Mark should always be surrounded with at least a half-inch of clear space between it and other graphic elements (typography, charts, photos and illustrations, etc.). Use as much clear space as possible, but never less than a half-inch.

Background color: The preferred color behind the GSA Star Mark is white. The GSA Star Mark must never be reversed out. The GSA lettering within the Star Mark is always white, not translucent.

Minimum size: To ensure that the GSA logos are always clear as presented, they should never be reproduced smaller than one-half inch. This requirement is to ensure that the word "schedule," "contract holder," or "Advantage!" (and the contract number, if shown) is legible.

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Last Reviewed: 2020-02-26