Federal Marketplace Strategy

What is the Federal Marketplace?

GSA Federal Marketplace Strategy Image

The federal marketplace describes how government agencies buy the products, services, and solutions they need to meet their respective missions. GSA provides the acquisition systems and solutions that agencies use to buy what they need to get the job done, while vendors supply the actual goods and services.

What is the Federal Marketplace Strategy?

The Federal Marketplace (FMP) Strategy is GSA’s plan to modernize and simplify the buying and selling experience for customers, suppliers, and acquisition professionals. We want to ensure the Federal Marketplace experience of tomorrow is even better than it is today.
Through the FMP Strategy, GSA will:

  • Make it easier for customers to find and acquire products, services, and solutions that meet their mission needs.
  • Reduce barriers to doing business with the government, and improve access to opportunities for qualified suppliers.
  • Empower the FAS workforce to spend more time performing the highest value activities and focus on excellence in service delivery.

How will we do it?

GSA is executing the FMP Strategy through a coordinated set of policy, process, and technology improvement projects across the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). We actively solicit stakeholder feedback along the way and regular updates ensure the FMP strategy will enable better mission-driven acquisitions across government by:

  • Exploring legislation and policy reform to support transparency and competition,
  • Simplifying and streamlining internal and external processes, and
  • Providing a modern acquisition experience through innovative and user-friendly systems.

The FMP Strategy began with our four Cornerstone projects: MAS Consolidation, Catalog Management, Commercial Platforms, and our new contract management system, CALM. We’re excited to be building on that foundation with four new areas of focus to organize our work around delivering for our stakeholders:

  • Buyer Experience: Our goal is a consolidated online experience that simplifies market research and helps with acquisition planning by providing easy access to commonly used documents, templates, and pricing resources.
  • Products Marketplace: We’re refining and clarifying GSA’s online Product Marketplace offerings to improve customer experience and selection process
  • Services Marketplace: Improving GSA’s services contracts experience for customers, suppliers and acquisition workforce.
  • Supplier Experience: Helping suppliers determine their best contracting options, consolidating and simplifying catalog management, and reducing burden for suppliers.
Last Reviewed: 2022-04-26