FAS Leadership Team

The following individuals fill key leadership roles in the national and 11 regional offices of the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).

FAS National Office Leadership Team:

Sonny Hashmi, Commissioner
Tom Howder, Deputy Commissioner
Ann Lewis, Deputy Commissioner (Technology Transformation Services Director)
Karen Link, Chief of Staff

Assistant Commissioners:

  • Charlotte Phelan, Office of Enterprise Strategy Management
  • Mark Lee, Office of Policy and Compliance
  • Christopher Bennethum, Office of Assisted Acquisition Services
  • Erv Koehler, Office of General Supplies and Services
  • Laura Stanton, Office of Information Technology Category
  • Crystal Philcox, Office of Travel, Transportation, & Logistics
  • William Toth, Office of Customer and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Tiffany T. Hixson, Professional Services and Human Capital Categories

FAS Regional Offices Leadership Team:

FAS Regional Commissioners:

  • Region 1: Joe Nickerson
  • Region 2: Jeff Lau
  • Region 3: Dena McLaughlin
  • Region 4: Thomas Meiron
  • Region 5: Kim Brown
  • Region 6: Mary Ruwwe
  • Region 7: George Prochaska
  • Region 8: Penny Grout
  • Region 9: Casey Kelley
  • Region 10: Tiffany T. Hixson
  • National Capital Region: Darrick Early
Last Reviewed: 2022-12-12