IAE Systems Modernization

Systems Modernization

The IAE is consolidating what were recently many separate systems into one place, SAM.gov. The systems and processes we are modernizing enable federal awards to happen. When complete, data security will be standardized, administrative oversight will be streamlined, and databases will be unified allowing for more efficient searches and analysis.

The new system will empower users to seamlessly leverage vast stores of data and to discover a wide range of awards in a single, unified platform.

The modernization effort is:

  • Reducing the barrier of entry into doing business with the federal government by providing a single portal to perform all of the work in the government award lifecycle.
  • Improving data integrity and security by reducing data redundancy and securing all award data at a consistent level with more modern controls.
  • Streamlining role management and administrative oversight.
  • Facilitating a successful user experience for both entities and government users with a unified experience and improved user-centric tools.
  • Creating a flexible and scalable technical foundation that supports future system growth and development.

Modernization Goals

Our ultimate goal in the modernization effort is to carry out the vision of the IAE as established in the E-Government initiative; this vision will enable a consolidated set of data and shared user experience.

By consolidating federal award systems, IAE can continually improve, update, and expand services based on user needs. We are implementing the latest secure technologies, positioning federal award systems to be streamlined and flexible for the long term.

We will achieve this by providing:

Effective Search: A simple and effective search to find the information needed, whether doing broad market research or looking for a specific contract, program, or other record.

Flexible Reporting: Government data is used in a lot of different ways and people want to combine it with data from other systems. We provide simple tools to pull and export exactly the data needed.

Data You Can Trust: People rely on government data to evaluate policy, find business opportunities, and track compliance. We ensure that data is accessible, searchable, and secure to increase transparency and allow for third-party innovation.

People-Focused Tools: We streamline the ability to assign role permissions, identify points of contact, and track responsibilities to help organizations respond efficiently to personnel changes.

Agile Development: We use the agile development process, which means we are able to adapt to changing needs quickly. Users don’t have to wait long for improvements; new capabilities and updates are deployed continually.

By investing in a unified platform, improvements can be made in one place and applied to across many services. Searching across data sets will be easier and more accurate and users will only need one account, one set of credentials, to leverage all federal award data sets for their business goals.

Modernization Accomplishments

With a unified experience and improved user-centric tools, IAE is facilitating a successful user experience for individuals and organizations that work with the federal government and for the federal workforce.

We are creating a single web application that requires a single user account, a single, more accurate search across all our award data sets, and a single, role-driven workspace to track all award data.

We are enabling data services to provide award data in multiple formats including APIs and file extracts. We are providing standard (pre-formatted) and ad hoc contract data reports and we are enabling reference services for consistent data reporting (such as state, ZIP Code, congressional district, and NAICS code). These accomplishments will reduce administrative workload for both entities and the government, leading to more quality outcomes.

IAE is Agile

IAE has implemented the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to manage the software development lifecycle. This framework is critical to our success in managing a large development effort that balances a complex array of policy, governance, agency mission, user, and technical requirements. SAFe ensures that iterative, day-to-day development efforts across multiple teams remain aligned with each other and with strategic program objectives and priorities.

SAFe enables teams to routinely adjust to changing stakeholder requirements and technical developments while maintaining focus on major program milestones. User feedback we collect from our feedback tool, the Federal Service Desk, and other sources is integral to improving services and systems to enhance customers’ experience.

Our Successes

The following legacy systems have been decommissioned and their functionalities successfully transitioned to SAM.gov or another system:

  • FAPIIS.gov – Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System
  • FBO.gov – Federal Business Opportunities
  • CFDA.gov – Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
  • WDOL.gov – Wage Determination Online
  • FPDS.gov Reports – Federal Procurement Data System (reports only)
  • PPIRS.gov – Past Performance Information Retrieval System (merged with CPARS)
Our largest-to-date full system integration was the merger of the legacy SAM.gov system into the modernized environment called beta.SAM.gov in May of 2021. Once integrated, the location was renamed SAM.gov. At that point, beta.SAM.gov and SAM.gov no longer operated in parallel and the “beta” was retired.

For questions about the IAE Systems, email IAEOutreach@gsa.gov.

For press inquiries, email press@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2022-12-09