The IAE Systems

The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) uses an innovative design and development approach to improve processes and implement policies for those who make, manage, or receive federal awards.

Streamlining Federal Awards

Until recently, the IAE managed ten online systems. Today, the number of IAE systems has been reduced to six. In the long run, it will be reduced to one in what is known today as

The new consolidated system will use a single login to access the site. The integrated system will simplify daily tasks and increase business knowledge by providing users a powerful search tool, one robust reporting tool, and one workspace for managing their day-to-day work.

To learn more about and the consolidation of IAE Systems, visit the About page.

The IAE Systems Today

The IAE currently operates and maintains the following systems: includes functionality and data from these decommissioned legacy systems:

  • Contract Opportunities, formerly Federal Business Opportunities (, transitioned in November 2019. For acquisitions of supplies and services, agencies are required to publish notices of proposed contract actions expected to exceed $25,000. Notices included solicitations, pre-solicitations, sole source justifications, and other notices.
  • Assistance Listings, formerly Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (, transitioned in May 2018. Assistance listings provide a comprehensive description of all federal assistance including information on eligibility, how to apply, and matching requirements.
  • Wage Determinations, formerly Wage Determinations OnLine (WDOL), transitioned in June 2019. Wage determinations provide the required wage rates and fringe benefit rates that must be met on federal procurement contracts for each labor category covered by the Davis Bacon Act or the Service Contract Act as determined by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • The DataBank contains contract data reports which provide detailed information on awarded contracts using data directly from the Federal Data Procurement System (FPDS). The report data can be aggregated by various attributes and can be downloaded for detailed analysis.
  • Entity Information includes entity registration records, Unique Entity ID records, exclusions, responsibility/qualification records, and the Disaster Response Registry. Entity registration in provides entities the ability to apply for federal grants or loans or bid on government contracts. On, entities can register, update or renew entity registration, check the status of entity registration, and get a Unique Entity ID. Anyone can search public entity information by creating and signing into a account.
  • Exclusions identify a party excluded from receiving federal contracts, certain subcontracts, and certain types of federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits. Awarding officials check to see if an exclusion exists for an entity. is also the system that assigns the Unique Entity ID, a 12-character alphanumeric identifier used by the federal government to identify organizations for federal award purposes.

CPARS contains data on federal contractors, including both past performance information and integrity records (proceedings related to federal awards, terminations, etc.). Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) was a single source for contractor performance information. This system has merged into CPARS.

eSRS is a web-based reporting tool to collect subcontracting accomplishments and share the information with the awarding official.

FPDS contains publicly available information about all unclassified contract actions exceeding the micro-purchase threshold and any modifications to those actions that change previously reported data, regardless of dollar value. Contract data reports, the reporting function of FPDS, was integrated into on October 17, 2020. The remaining functions will transition later.

FSRS is the reporting tool federal prime awardees (i.e., prime contractors and prime grants recipients) used to capture and report sub-award and executive compensation data regarding their first-tier sub-awards to meet FFATA reporting requirements.

The Federal Service Desk, managed by the IAE, provides support for, FPDS, eSRS, and FSRS. Users can access this free resource by toll-free phone, web form, and web chat. Users can also search frequently asked questions at The feedback IAE receives through the FSD is integral to how we improve services and systems to enhance customers’ experience.

The FSD's live help hours of operation are: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET U.S. calls: 866-606-8220 International calls: +1 334-206-7828 DSN: 94-866-606-8220

Last Reviewed: 2022-12-09