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GSA IT Receives Award for Excellence in Sustainable Procurement of IT Products


For the fourth year in a row, GSA IT won the 5 Star EPEAT Purchaser Award for excellence in sustainable procurement of IT products and services.

“Tackling climate change is a priority for the federal government, and at GSA, we’re committed to procuring sustainable IT products that reduce hazardous waste, emissions, and energy,” said Erika Dinnie, Associate Chief Information Officer for Digital Infrastructure Technologies.

The EPEAT Award, given annually by the Global Electronics Council, recognizes organizations  that purchase and sell sustainable and environmentally friendly electronic products.

GSA is committed to buying EPEAT-certified products. Additionally, GSA recycles end-of-life equipment by donating to schools or other institutions, or repurposed in an environmentally-safe manner. GSA is also focused on investing in “smart” IT for our buildings to improve energy and operational efficiency and continuing to purchase electronic products that meet EPEAT specifications.

Learn how GSA supports the Administration's sustainability priorities.

Last Reviewed: 2022-08-01