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50 Facts for 50 Years: The Stories of FACA Part 2


This month we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). Throughout the month, the GSA blog shared 50 Facts for 50 Years to celebrate the signing of FACA. If you missed them check them out here.

This blog will continue to highlight the diversity of committee work and the many ways they have impacted our lives. Learn how committees have worked to safeguard the environment, protect natural resources, and commemorate history with facts 43 through 50:

43. The White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (WHEJAC) is the first ever formal advisory role for environmental justice perspectives and expertise at the White House, and was established by Executive Order 14008 to:

  • Confront long standing environmental injustices 
  • Ensure that historically marginalized, polluted, and overburdened communities have greater input on federal policies and decisions
Graphic that features WHEJAC Recommendations and Results

44. Did you know that the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which established the Marine Mammal Commission (MMC), is also celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year? Or that the Committee of Scientific Advisors on Marine Mammals advises the MMC on its mission to provide oversight of all science, policy, and management actions affecting marine mammals, like polar bears? Other priority topics include climate change, the Arctic ecosystem, marine mammal mortality incidental to commercial fishing operations, and offshore energy development.

45. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials, such as in nuclear medicine, through licensing, inspection and enforcement. Three federal advisory committees that help support NRC’s mission are:

46. The Regional Resource Stewardship Council and the Regional Energy Resource Council advises the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which provides flood control, navigation and land management for the Tennessee River system while assisting local power companies, and state and local governments with economic development and job creation. TVA provides electricity that serves nearly 10 million people throughout seven southeastern states.

47. The Department of the Interior Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force promoted and expanded the ‘Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!’ campaign and drafted Recommended Voluntary Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species Associated with Recreational Activities for: 

  • Anglers
  • Motor boaters 
  • Non-motorized boaters 
  • Scuba divers and snorkelers 
  • Seaplane pilot
  • Waterfowl hunters 
graphic that says "Did you know? Aquatic Nuisance Species are organisms that produce harmful impacts on aquatic ecosystems

48. The  Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission was created in 2020 to mark the 100-year anniversary of women’s right to vote”. The commission worked with the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association to unveil the Turning Point Suffrage Memorial in Lorton, Virginia! The memorial features bronze, life-size statues of suffrage leaders like Alice Paul, co-founder of the National Woman’s Party, and Mary Church Terrell, the co-founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People!

Graphic that features 4 images of the WW1 Memorial and the Turning Point Suffrage Memorial

49. On April 16, 2021, the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission announced the opening of the National World War I Memorial in Washington, D.C. The Memorial honors the heroism and sacrifice of the 4.7 million Americans who served in WWI. Check out the WWI Memorial Construction in a minute timelapse.

50. Throughout October, we shared 50 facts and stories about FACA, but FACA isn’t just 50 facts! FACA was enacted to ensure that advice by the various advisory committees is objective and accessible to the public. This means we need you! Want to get involved? 

  • Want to attend a Federal Advisory Committee Meeting?
  • Want more information on Federal Advisory Committees?
    • Visit the FACA database and browse a variety of information and data

Last Reviewed: 2022-10-31