Army Unaccompanied Housing Standards

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requested GSA's support in furnishing unaccompanied personnel housing (UPH). GSA agreed that a program could be set up to the Corps' requirements. The Corps' goals included using the GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program to provide a variety of product styles and sources while ensuring the quality and performance of the furniture used in the housing.

GSA worked with the Corps' Huntsville Center to establish a process for identifying products. It was decided that the program could be set-up within the GSA's Special Item Number (SIN) for Household, Dormitory & Quarters Furniture. GSA worked with Huntsville's Army Corps of Engineers to establish the technical requirements for the furniture. Vendors are invited to submit information on their contract items to demonstrate compliance with the Corps' requirements and GSA reviews of the product lines.

GSA reviews vendor product offerings and maintains a listing of those vendors and product lines that have been found to meet the UPH furniture standard. The listing is published electronically as the Approved Product Lines for the Army UPH Furniture Program [PDF - 112 KB] .

The product lines listed were submitted by the vendors for review against the requirements of the Department of the Army UPH Furniture Program. Specific product details related to the product design, materials, and construction were reviewed. In addition to identifying the product lines, the listing provides the available construction types and pull types, as defined by the Army UPH Furniture specifications.


Huntsville Grading designation is intended as a quick guide, and includes the following choices regarding the construction of the case goods:

For details, refer to the Army UPH Furniture Specifications Guide [DOC - 124 KB] .


  • Type A: 19 mm, 5-ply oak veneer core plywood.
  • Type B: 19 mm solid oak.
  • Type C1: 19 mm, 5-ply oak veneer core plywood with metal to metal connectors.
  • Type C2: 19 mm solid oak with screws.

Side Panels

Tops are 19 mm hardwood veneer plywood with 10 mm thick oak edge band, or laminated to 19 mm thick with particle board or MDF core with 19 mm hardwood lumber band.


Drawer fronts are minimum 19 mm solid wood. Drawer sides are minimum 11 mm solid wood or hardwood veneer core plywood.

Back Panels

Back panels are minimum 10 mm oak veneer plywood or 19 mm oak veneer plywood when used as a structural core plywood.

Door and Drop Lids

Doors and drop lids are minimum 19 mm thick. Doors and lids are hardwood veneer core plywood with veneer band or medium density fiberboard with minimum 10 mm solid oak band and oak veneer or plastic laminate.

Additional Resources

Construction Material and Design Report Form [PDF - 35 KB] (updated 12/12/2006)
This document is the form used to report the construction, materials and design of the offered furniture.

Item Characteristics List [DOC - 194 KB] (updated 3/8/2013)
This document is the form used to report the major characteristics of the offered furniture.

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