We offer a variety of training to help you learn how to use our contracts and buy professional services more efficiently and effectively. Training options include Web-based, self-teaching tools, podcasts, and on-site instructor led.

The Professional Services Category hosts monthly virtual office hours to address federal customer agency questions about professional services acquisitions. Office Hours are open forum question and answer webinar sessions connecting contracting officers at federal customer agencies with GSA professional services contracting subject matter experts. Register today to get answers to your questions and find the right contract solution for your complex professional services acquisition needs. You can sign up for all upcoming sessions using this registration link.

May 13, 2021 - Supplier Relationship Management: What Industry Wants You to Know

The governmentwide Professional Services Category continues to embark on a robust supplier engagement journey. We have hosted webinars, Industry Exchange Forums, one-on-one interviews, spoken at industry events and shared resources. What have we learned through this proactive collaboration? What is Industry telling us challenges them when it comes to professional services acquisitions? Join Supplier Relationship Manager Bounce Quarry for lessons learned that are relevant to federal acquisition professionals. Registration link.

June 10, 2021- Understanding Performance Based Acquisitions (PBAs)

Performance-based acquisitions (BPAs) are structured around the results to be achieved as opposed to the manner by which work is to be performed. Services are evolving in complexity due to advances in technology. A member of the acquisition workforce can not be an expert in all fields that s/he touches. Therefore any contract that is proscriptive in how a service is delivered is likely to result in substandard performance. A successful contract in the current acquisition environment instead speaks to expected results. Join us this month to explore the many benefits of using PBAs during your procurement planning. Registration link.

July 8, 2021 - Digital Tools to Support Your Acquisition Needs

Demo of the Contract Awarded Labor Category (CALC), Discovery and Price Estimating Market Research tools. CALC allows contracting officers and specialists to conduct research and price analysis for professional labor categories from a database of contract awarded prices for 83+ labor categories from seven master contracts. Discovery allows acquisition professionals to research government-wide service contracts, their data, and their awarded vendors. This tool gives users the means to answer their pre-award questions without needing to issue RFIs or search across the internet. The OASIS Price Estimating Tool assists in the cost based development of the labor portion of the independent government cost estimate (IGCE) for OASIS SB and OASIS task orders. Registration link.

The governmentwide Professional Services Category hosts occasional Spotlight webinars. These webinars are designed to share sound acquisition practices, from requirements development and market research to service delivery and contract close-out, and improve acquisition through inter-agency collaboration. The webinars and shared resources support the governmentwide category management initiatives to make smarter and more efficient buying decisions. All webinars are open to the federal acquisition workforce and offer Certified Learning Points. In addition, webinars are recorded and posted on the Acquisition Gateway. You can sign up for all upcoming sessions using this registration link.

May 18, 2021- Expanding The Acceptance of Purchase Cards for Payment

During this Spotlight session, we will focus GSA’s on the GSA SmartPay® Government-wide Charge Card and Related Payment Service Program. Supporting agency missions for over twenty years, this program has an impressive track record in streamlining government purchases and payments while reducing costs. Earning a “Best in Class - Preferred” Office of Management and Budget designation, the program handled more than 20 million transactions totaling in excess of $22 billion in fiscal year 2020 alone. We will address current program issues including spending trends, use of the cards for contract payments, selected GSA SmartPay 3 innovations and increasing program refunds to further support your organization’s mission. Registration link.

August 17, 2021 - Civilian Contract Audits

Do you have a Cost Contract you're looking to close out? Looking for contract audit support through the GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program? Procuring and conducting Federal contract audits are different from standard financial audits. This session will address concepts unique to acquiring Federal contract audits and contract audit related services. We will highlight best practices and recommendations to consider when securing a contractor savvy in the discipline and delivery of contract audit services. Join us to learn how to efficiencies within the civilian contract audit procurement process. Registration link.

Use the links below to select specific GSA contracts or general acquisition training.

Missed a training? You can find recordings of some of our Office Hours and Spotlight webinars on the Professional Services YouTube playlist.

Last Reviewed: 2021-05-19