FAS Program Office for Emergency Management

The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Program Office for Emergency Management (EM PMO) is under the Office of Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL). The EM PMO serves as a partner to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the GSA Office of Mission Assurance (OMA).


In May 2008, the Program Office for Emergency Management was established as a function under the Office of General Supplies and Services (GSS) to coordinate and manage all FAS emergency support efforts.

GSA Order ADM.5440.634 (Appendix A), January 24, 2011, established the FAS EM PMO as a Division under the GSS Deputy Assistant Commissioner. The Order also transferred FAS Central Office COOP functions and staff from the FAS Office of Administration to the new FAS EM PMO.

The FAS EM PMO coordinated with Emergency Support Function #2 (ESF #2), Communications, under FAS ITC and led FAS ESF #7, Logistics Management and Resource Support, efforts until 2014, when the ESF #2, functions and staff transferred to OMA: GSA Order ADM O 5440.672 (Appendix A), October 3rd, 2014.

In January 2020, the Office was relocated to the Travel, Transportation and Logistics’ (TTL) portfolio in an effort to improve and streamline operations across FAS.

Roles and Responsibilities

ESF #7 Support:

  • Leads the FAS Emergency Support Function #7 (ESF #7) support effort for Presidential Disaster Declarations.
  • Serves as the central liaison between the FAS offices, FEMA Logistics Management Directorate, and OMA staff at the FEMA National Response and Coordination Center (NRCC).
  • Coordinates with all FAS offices to provide ESF #7 support requested by FEMA and other federal customers.
  • Provides guidance and support to the resolution of FEMA and other federal customer issues.
  • Prepares and tracks FAS SITREPs on emergency engagement/support for GSA leadership
  • Provides guidance and support coordinating emergency related data calls.
  • Provides reviews for policy implementation related to emergency support
  • Coordinates FAS emergency personnel coverage with other FAS support offices during ESF #7 activations.
  • Represents FAS on FEMA calls (Logistics, Distribution Management, Plans and Exercises, Acquisition, etc.), and other partner agency calls.
  • Acts as the SME on FAS ESF #7 business processes in support of FEMA

COOP Program Oversight:

  • Works with OMA to coordinate the FAS Central Office Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning.
  • Provides Federal Continuity Directive (FCD) 1 and FCD-2 support to OMA.
  • Develops and maintains FAS COOP required documentation on the GSA Continuity site.
  • Provides oversight and support to the FAS Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) and Essential Supporting Activities (ESAs).
  • Ensures the Directors of the FAS MEFs and ESAs identify qualified Primary and Secondary Backup personnel in the Regions.
  • Manages the biennial OMA Business Process Analysis and Business Impact Analysis projects for FAS as required by FCD-1 and FCD-2.
  • Leads the annual National Level Exercise for FAS:
    • Serves as the central FAS response point for the exercise
    • Assists OMA with FAS senior leadership pre-briefs on exercise roles and responsibilities
    • Provides devolution training to Backup Regions
    • Coordinates with the MEF/ESA POCs to successfully complete the exercise
  • Facilitates monthly meetings with the FAS COOP Coordinators and provides National Alert and Accountability System (NAAS) training.
  • Ensures FAS COOP Coordinators manage and test their GETS/WPS wireless priority service monthly.
  • Executes FAS NAAS call down exercises and tracks results.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-21