Exchange/ Sale of Aircraft

GSA helps reduce federal waste by supporting efforts to sell or reuse older assets. As aircraft age, government agencies can work with GSA to modernize their fleets by exchanging or selling aircraft for newer replacements. The proceeds from an exchange or sale can be used to pay for part or all of the new aircraft.

Managing Government Aircraft Exchange/Sale
In order to exchange or sell Federal aircraft, agencies must meet the requirements detailed in Federal Management Regulation (FMR) 102-33 Management of Government Aircraft, sections 102-33.275 thru 102-33.295. Those sections include information on:

  • Considerations before replacing aircraft via Exchange or Sale
  • Options for replacing an aircraft
  • Special disclaimers in Exchange/Sale agreements for non-certificated aircraft or aircraft that have been operated as 'public aircraft's

Personal Property Disposal
FMR 102-39 Replacement of Personal Property Pursuant to the Exchange/Sale Authority, regulates the Exchange/Sale of personal property, including Federal aircraft. Federal Aviation Program Managers can find guidance on:

  • How to exchange/sell property
  • When to exchange/sale federal aviation assets
  • Restrictions and prohibitions on the Exchange/Sale of Federal aircraft
  • Required documentation and reports associated with the Exchange/Sale of Federal aircraft

Last Reviewed: 2022-03-30