Utility Regulatory Program

We intervene in utility regulatory proceedings to ensure that our federal customers can purchase reliable and secure energy services at fair and reasonable prices.

We are authorized to represent you before federal and state agencies that regulate electricity and natural gas utility service providers (40 U.S.C. 501; FAR Subpart 41.103). Our team of in-house legal counsel and outside regulatory experts can:

  • Provide expert testimony in utility regulatory proceedings.
  • Propose rates that promote efficient energy usage and investments.
  • Offer technical assistance in negotiating utility service contracts.
  • Advocate for policies that promote federal energy initiatives.
  • Conduct impact evaluations of utility-specific regulatory decisions.

We also delegate our regulatory intervention authority as needed to agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and Department of Veterans Affairs.

In collaboration with these agencies, we can intervene on your behalf in federal and state rule-makings and regulatory proceedings dealing with utility service prices and policies. We also share regulatory case information across multiple agencies and develop strategies to promote federal energy policies and initiatives (e.g., carbon pollution-free electricity, Clean Energy Tariffs, etc.)


If you have questions, contact Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager Lariza Sepulveda at lariza.sepulveda@gsa.gov or 202-420-8316.

Last Reviewed: 2022-10-13