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Use the services ordering form [PDF - 685 KB] for all orders.

PIV credentialing services for all agencies

Item Description Price
PIV or PIV-I enrollment A completed sponsored record to enable your agency to submit fingerprints for initial check without incurring the cost of printing a credential. PIV-I is an alternative to PIV for some circumstances. $23 per enrollment
PIV or PIV-I printing and issuance A fully configured card with up to four PKI certificates. Price includes the first 30 days of maintenance and allows a replacement card for previously enrolled cardholders. $30 per card
PIV or PIV-I monthly maintenance Begins 30 days after of printing the card. $3.95 per card per month
Test card A fully configured card to test the electronic profile but still distinguishable in appearance from real cards. Use the order form [PDF - 731 KB] to request. $18 per card

Set-up services for agency-operated credential centers

Site type

Dedicated — Only your agency

Shared — Your agency and others

Unit type

Fixed — You can enroll applicants and activate credentials, but you cannot move the unit without our approval. We provide the software updates.

Mobile — You can enroll applicants and activate credentials and move the unit without our approval. You must implement software updates. Return Pelican cases to us upon decommission and conversion.

Light activation kit — You can’t print cards, but you can do activations, PIN unlocks, and certificate updates with or without a registrar. Return Pelican cases to us upon decommission. You need to provide a laptop and internet access. You will be able to download software from a secure server after you have the equipment installed. Contact when you’re ready to do so.

All require a minimum 12-month agreement.

Site type Unit type One-time fee Ongoing fee
Dedicated Fixed or conversion from mobile $1,300 $100 per month
Dedicated Mobile $300 $100 per month
Dedicated or shared Light activation kit $1,000 Waived
Shared Fixed Waived Waived
Shared Mobile $300 Waived

Optional services

Service Description Price
Mobile CU set-up call Schedule contractor support for help on hardware, software, connecting, and troubleshooting. $250 per call (one call per business day, up to three days)
Local printing (option 1) Have the ability to print cards on-site. Fee covers the lease of a printer with tech support and maintenance, plus all consumables at your usual burn rate. $575 per month (minimum 12 months)
Local printing (option 2) You purchase a printer through the GSA Schedule (Peraton). Fee covers break/fix, warranty and maintenance, and consumables. $200 per month
Local printing (option 3) You purchase a printer through other vendors. Fee covers tier three assistance for local print capability or related software issues. No break/fix, troubleshooting support, or consumables are included. $20 per month
Locally printed scrapped charge Pay a reduced fee for a printed card that cannot be used due to printer or operator error. $10 per scrapped
VPN equipment replacement Receive and configure a replacement router and return the used equipment. $900 per
Pelican case replacement Receive a replacement Pelican case and return the broken one. $300 per case
Station move Move and recertify a fixed unit. $1,425 per move
Technical support services Get help with your change requests, SIP maintenance, data DVD, and other needs. Cost plus 2%

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Last Reviewed: 2023-03-17