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How to Order GSA GSS Products

As part of the Governmentwide Strategic Solutions (GSS) for Desktops and Laptops Initiative, GSA offers online purchasing tools for federal agencies to purchase standard desktop and laptop configurations through MAS Information Technology.

GSA Advantage!®

GSA Advantage! has you covered. GSA worked with industry to identify vendors from every small business socio-economic category who can the GSS products you need. The GSA GSS program offers the full breadth of products offered by each of the Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs), that meet program requirements, so you can always find the products you are looking for. Products that meet the minimum specification have a GSS icon.

Search for available products by selecting the Laptop/Desktop Solutions link in the GSA IT Solutions section of GSA Advantage!®. The GSS for Desktops and Laptops landing page displays the current configurations for desktops and laptops. Select the “View Products” button underneath a configuration to see what available products meet that specific configuration.

Choose GSS desktop and laptop standard configuration options and accessories by selecting the “Options/Accessories” link on the left side of the product page. Once you’ve configured the products you wish to buy, add them to your cart, and check out, or push to the eBuy RFQ platform to compete your requirements.

GSA AdvantageSelect

Browse for fully pre-competed desktop and laptop products for immediate purchase with no further competition required. Under the GSS initiative, GSA provides this pre-competed option for GSS desktop and laptop purchasing for all configurations.

Direct Ordering
If you cannot complete the purchase through GSA AdvantageSelect online and would like to make a direct order with the BPA holder, you can make the purchase one of two ways. If you have a one-time requirement, you can issue a BPA call order. If you are going to have recurring requirements and would like to establish a catalog, you can create an agency-specific catalog to take advantage of aggregate demand and increase the speed of acquisition on those recurring requirements.

How Do I Issue a Call Order?
To issue a call order, you simply need to contact the BPA holder, provide your requirements, and ask for an all-inclusive quotation. You can request a quote directly from the BPA holder using the GSA Advantage Strategic Sourcing page. On the Strategic sourcing page, you click “Get Quote” link next to the vendor who holds the BPA for the OEM products you want to purchase and Complete the RFQ in eBuy.

Once the quotation is received, check to ensure all prices are equal to or less than their BPA pricing. It is always recommended to contact the vendor and ask for additional discounts on their quotation prior to placing an order. Issue your order.

How Do I Create an Agency Catalog?
The GSA IT Hardware category, in conjunction with our BPA holders, has helped create a buying process for customers who want to realize the savings associated with aggregated demand and make more than one purchase via our GSS BPAs. To start the process, a customer provides estimated quantities along with the machines and configurations required for each fiscal year. Our BPA holders will seek additional discounts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), based on those estimated quantities and configurations, and create an agency-specific catalog so that customers can cut orders against catalog without further competition of the requirement. The catalog is refreshed quarterly to accommodate technology updates and changes to the OEM product line. With a little work up front, this process streamlines the acquisition process, reducing acquisition time to approximately five days; reduces price variability; and helps all agency buying units realize greater cost savings.

Get Quotes — GSA eBuy

Use eBuy to get quotes for your GSS desktop and laptop products. First, identify the products you want on the GSA Advantage!®-GSS Special Program page. Add the items and quantities to your cart. When you’re done, send the requirement to eBuy from the checkout screen.

You can also submit an RFQ using the GSS name and specification configured with the GSS standard options to meet your needs. Submit using the eBuy RFQ tool.

GSS Workstations Specifications

Standard Configuration Specifications

The WCT will evaluate and refresh standard configurations as needed every nine months based on industry updates and customer feedback. The current version of the standard configuration specifications and a host of other related program resources, including an approved vendor list, can be found on the GSS for Desktops and Laptops landing page in GSA Advantage.

Last Reviewed: 2021-07-15