How to Get a Contract

Below is a summary of the necessary steps to obtain and maintain a MAS Information Technology contract.

  1. Download the solicitation package

    Download the latest revision (refresh) of the MAS Information Technology Solicitation.

    The solicitation package provides guidance to industry partners who wish to offer information technology (IT) products, services, and solutions to federal, state, and local government customers on the MAS Information Technology contract vehicle.

    By responding to this solicitation, you may be awarded a MAS Information Technology contract. This opens multiple opportunities for your business to profit and grow.

    Please read the entire solicitation package and all attachments prior to preparing your response (offer). Further instructions are provided within the solicitation package.

  2. Prepare your offer

    Gather important company documents (company financial, catalogs, price lists, brochures, organization charts, etc.) as required by the solicitation. If you have any questions as you prepare your offer, please seek clarification from the Office of IT Schedule Programs.

    During this phase you must obtain the required registrations and validations from these websites: SAM, D-U-N-S, and Open Ratings. Other documentation may be requested at the time of negotiation.

    Learn more by reviewing the presentation: MAS Information Technology Offer Preparation [PDF - 712 KB]

  3. Submit your offer

    Offer provides an online, paperless contracting environment that complies with FAR regulations, and meets our environmentally friendly goals quickly and efficiently, with less paper.

    The eOffer system enables potential industry partners to submit an electronic offer to the latest solicitation by following a step-by-step process that may be saved and revisited as the offer is built.

    Industry partners are required to submit offers through the eOffer system. For assistance, please visit the Vendor Support Center.

  4. GSA will review your offer

    Once your offer has been submitted to GSA, a contracting officer will be assigned to review it. The contracting officer will act as your guide through this process. Once the initial review has been completed, the contracting officer will negotiate the contractual terms and conditions, including prices of the potential contract. If all requirements are met, the prices are fair and reasonable, and the offer is in the best interest of the government, a MAS Information Technology contract will be awarded.

  5. Maintain your contract

    Often, after a contract is awarded, an industry partner will need to modify contract information.

    The GSA eMod system enables industry partners, who have been awarded a MAS Information Technology contract, to submit electronic modifications to their contract.

Approved agreements

Software is a particularly complicated and expensive IT asset. GSA awards many products with agreements on Federal Supply Schedules (FSS). The terms and conditions in standard commercial agreements are often inconsistent with federal laws.

GSA contracting officers (COs) cannot award contracts or modifications involving products and services without first reviewing and modifying the terms in the agreements to make them consistent with federal law. Without doing so, such awards would expose the government to a high level of risk.

Read: IT Schedule 70 — Approved Agreements List [PDF - 312 KB]

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Last Reviewed: 2023-03-15