Market Research As a Service (MRAS)

A Value added service at no additional cost

GSA's Market Research as a service is just a click away.

MRAS delivers meaningful market data to Federal, State, and Local agencies. Through FAR Part 10 compliant requests for information (RFI), sources sought, industry days, and advanced product research, MRAS collects data to help customers understand where their need fits within the GSA government-wide marketplace.

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MRAS provides automated RFIs & Sources Sought for services and advanced GSA Advantage! product searches.

Request for Information (RFI) with Market Research Report

Develop customized RFIs that strategically target GSA contract holders on GSA eBuy, resulting in a robust market research analysis report showing all responses received, in as little as 1-2 weeks (depending on the requirement). Within 24 hours of receiving your request, GSA Customer Service Directors (CSDs) work directly with Agency POCs to review a draft RFI developed from information provided, and work side by side with customers to further refine the RFI until it is ready to be posted on GSA eBuy. After the RFI closes, a Market Research Report is designed specifically to see how the GSA market can meet technical requirements and mission needs provided. Market Research Reports are designed to facilitate completing Small Business Office review forms, developing Acquisition Plans, and assisting in formulating an overall acquisition strategy.

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Workflow - Understand the Requirements, Organize the Research Questions, Develop RFI, Engage Industry, and Deliver Report

What to Expect: The MRAS Process

  1. Customer submits a request for an RFI
  2. Customer and GSA Collaboration and RFI Development
  3. Customer Approval and Industry Engagement
  4. RFI Closes and Market Report Provided
  5. Customer and GSA Consultation

Total Estimated Time: 1 day to 2 weeks, depending upon the requirement.

MRAS provides each customer with a unique, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand report. The report analyzes industry partner data related to the customers' needs, which gives an understanding of the results expected under the markets researched. The Market Research Report includes socio-economic, technical, capabilities, and comprehensive business information so Agencies can complete their Acquisition Planning and Small Business strategies and requirements and estimate documents.

Training & Events

MRAS Customer Training: Effective Market Research (Fed/Military/State/Local)

Attention all public sector employees in the contracting and acquisition career field! In GSA's Market Research As a Service (MRAS) Customer Training: Effective Market Research (Fed/Military), you'll learn the importance of market research, how and when to conduct it, and how to get the best results by making your data collection methods more efficient.

You'll also delve into the regulatory nature of FAR Part 10 and how it ties into other decisions such as acquisition planning, small business set-asides, commercial items, and contract type selection.

This one-credit CLP course includes real-life scenarios, expert instructors, and tools from GSA's market research as a service. Take this opportunity to enhance your market research skills and advance your career. This is a one (1) CLP credit course.

MRAS Industry Training:

As an industry partner, you can provide valuable market research data to inform the purchasing decisions of GSA customers. Participating in our research allows you to showcase your products and services to potential buyers and play a key role in helping government agencies make informed and efficient purchasing decisions.

But why choose GSA's Market Research As a Service (MRAS) over traditional market research methods? Our research is 100 times easier and more efficient, making it a great business development activity for your company. Plus, by participating in MRAS, you can reach a wider audience of government buyers and increase your visibility in the market.

We offer monthly industry training seminars to help you get started and make the most of your participation in MRAS. CLPs will not be issued for these webinars.

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What our Customers are saying

"Utilizing this resource is a great way to leverage the hard work put into establishing these contracts and provide a great benefit to the Government as a whole by simplifying the already complex process of federal acquisition. The benefit of conducting this market research gives a PCO the ability to see if there's a more expedient or cost-effective way to support their mission partner's needs. Often contracting is known as a slow and drawn-out process, and while it can be, this free tool is fast and gives a great snapshot as to what alternatives are available. MRAS is a great tool in a PCO's toolkit to have and one that should not be overlooked."

Jeremy A. Deorsey, CPT, LG

MRAS Frequently Asked Questions

What is Market As a Research Service (MRAS)

Market Research As a Service helps customers by collecting and providing industry partner information specific to Agency needs. MRAS conducts Requests for Information, Sources Sought, and advanced product searches to help Agencies compile business, socio-economic, and technical data. Additionally, MRAS helps provide feedback from industry about Agency requirements documents, industry trends, best practices, and the best GSA contract and NAICs for their acquisition.

Is there a cost for this service?

No, MRAS is a market research service GSA provides to all federal, state, and local agencies at no cost.

How do I initiate an MRAS request?

To submit your market research request, please reach out to your CSD (which can be found at so that they can walk you through the MRAS process and determine the best MRAS service for your requirement. You can then fill out the MRAS Service Request Form.

Are you an Industry partner and need help with a survey?

Please fill out the Industry Help Request Form.

Still Have Questions?

Find and contact your local GSA Customer Service Director or email the MRAS Team at

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