Market Research As a Service (MRAS)

A Value Added Service - Available at no Additional Cost

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Executive Summary

Looking for service providers or suppliers for your next requirement? Seeking market research to assist in developing a procurement strategy for an upcoming contract?

Let GSA’s Market Research As a Service (MRAS) team assist your agency in finding GSA Contract holders capable of meeting your procurement needs. Through online survey research, the MRAS team will work side by side with you in developing a strategy to effectively engage the marketplace.

By leveraging prior research and analytics and the in-depth knowledge of our market research specialists, in as little as one (1) day to two (2) weeks, depending on the requirement, GSA’s MRAS team will help you:

  • Define and identify suppliers and contracts;
  • Research and identify supplier capabilities;
  • Access hundreds of existing Market Reports; and
  • Provide a comprehensive market plan, including contract suggestions, socio-economics, and much more ... all at no cost!

Request research by completing this information. A market research specialist will typically contact you within 24 hours.

What our customers are saying...

"Utilizing this resource is a great way to leverage the hard work put into establishing these contracts and provide a great benefit to the Government as a whole by simplifying the already complex process of federal acquisition. The benefit of conducting this market research gives a PCO the ability to see if there's a more expedient or cost-effective way to support their mission partner's needs. Often contracting is known as a slow and drawn-out process, and while it can be, this free tool is fast and gives a great snapshot as to what alternatives are available. MRAS is a great tool in a PCO's toolkit to have and one that should not be overlooked."

Jeremy A. Deorsey, CPT, LG

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