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Region One Hosts Successful Fleet Customer Focus Group Event

Picture of the FAS Fleet Presenters
Presenters left to right: David Kringel, Candida Torres, Thomas Eldridge, Joanna Lubach, Kenneth Nollet and FAS Regional Commissioner, Joe Nickerson.

If your agency needs a fleet vehicle to meet its mission, you’ve come to the right place! GSA oversees one of the largest fleets in the world. With over 220,000 vehicles, management of the GSA Fleet Program is a herculean effort executed by a team of fleet service representatives who are the backbone to the program and their customers' needs.

On August 24, the Region One Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) hosted a Fleet Customer Focus Group Event in Pembroke, N.H., at the Army National Guard Regional Training Institute to present on the current and future state of GSA Fleet Services. Fleet Customer Focus Group meetings are held throughout the nation and are a way for GSA to provide local training, build lasting relationships, and to learn how we can more effectively meet our customers' needs.

Clients from both civilian agencies and the military were in attendance and were able to interact and ask questions with the fleet services representatives. The discussion focused on a range of resources to help federal customers lease, manage, and troubleshoot fleet vehicle needs for their agency.

green purple and orange icon that says right vehicle

The fleet service representatives who presented made it clear that their goal is to provide exceptional customer service using mission centered, data driven solutions in order for their customers to find the right vehicle, at the right price.

Available GSA Fleet Leasing Services

  • Vehicle acquisition and disposal
  • Maintenance control and accident management
  • Loss prevention and fuel services
  • A fleet management system with detailed and accurate data

The presentation [PPTX - 9 MB] also covered how GSA is supporting federal sustainability efforts by providing a path to electrify the fleet, aiming for 100 percent zero-emission vehicle acquisitions by 2035. This work is already underway with GSA currently assisting agencies to acquire electric charging station infrastructure and alternative fuel and electric vehicles.

Joseph Nickerson, Region One Federal Acquisition Services Commissioner, said, "Events like the Fleet Focus Group held in New Hampshire allow GSA to stay aligned with its customers to ensure that we are developing and delivering government-wide solutions that help support customers' missions of today and the future."

For more information on who to contact for your fleet needs, visit the GSA Fleet Management website or send an email to gsafleet@gsa.gov.

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