Focusing on Healthy and Productive Industry Relationships - Using Technology to Improve Communication


This is the third in a series of blogs about how GSA is fostering healthy and productive industry relationships. Be sure to read the first and second posts.

Today’s technology gives us many ways to improve communication. It’s easier than ever to share information and collaborate with colleagues. At GSA, technology is a key part of our efforts to improve industry relationships. Three examples are the tools available on, our eBuy Open GSA First pilot, and Interact -- GSA’s online collaboration space.

We’ve recently made several updates to that make it more valuable and even easier to use. Our new FAR Smart Matrix is a timesaving feature that makes it easier to find and reference clauses you need. The FAR Smart Matrix also allows you to filter FAR clauses by type of contract and download the information in multiple formats (CSV, PDF, or copy into email). GSA also developed the policy network on, where you can find agency class deviations, information on the suspension and debarment community, and the names of Chief Acquisition Officers and Senior Procurement Executives across Government.

Image of FAR Matrix Video

Another technology solution GSA is employing to enhance information sharing is our eBuy Open GSA First pilot. This project is aimed at improving transparency and increasing competition through the use of GSA’s eBuy, an online Request for Quote (RFQ) system. The eBuy Open GSA First pilot aims to draw more vendor participation in the federal marketplace by publicly releasing post-award eBuy RFQ information on GSA procurements via FedBizOpps. Whether helping a company perform market research, determine whether to submit Schedule offer, or identify new subcontracting opportunities, GSA’s hope is that our industry partners will find this information useful and in turn, raise fewer concerns with the process and help us sustain a stable supplier base through increased competition -- particularly among small businesses.

Lastly, I want to highlight that GSA Interact is our open home for industry-government collaboration, and one of our best practices when it comes to connecting, communicating, and learning together. With blogs, on-demand webinars and videos, and chat functions, we use Interact to share information, float ideas, and to bring greater clarity to our requirements.   

Stay tuned for my next blog, where I’ll continue to highlight the ways in which GSA is fostering healthy and productive industry relationship.  

Last Reviewed: 2019-03-08