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How GSA and Computers for Learning are bridging the digital divide

| GSA Blog Team
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What happens when a government agency upgrades its computers? Where do all those old laptops, computer screens, keyboards, and printers go?

Thanks to a program called Computers for Learning (CFL), federal agencies can transfer excess federal computers and related equipment, through gift or donation, to schools and nonprofit organizations to support education for children in pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

“During the pandemic, we couldn’t have students in the building so we used our donated computers for remote education,” said Trevor Scott, technical services director for the Air Force Academy in the Chicago area. “We are very appreciative of GSA. We would have been in a lot of trouble without the donation because no one saw the pandemic coming, so getting those computers was very timely.”

For more than two decades, GSA has helped facilitate the Computers for Learning program across government by hosting a website, www.computersforlearning.gov. Agencies list available equipment and vet recipients; the school or organization is only responsible for transportation fees.

GSA has participated in CFL for over 20 years. GSA’s laptops, docking stations, printers, and more find a second life through the program and benefit communities across the country. The program helps the next generation to connect to the internet and have greater access to technology.

“This is a way we can put newer devices in our teachers’ hands,” explained IT specialist Billy Johnston from Eaton High School in Eaton, Colorado. “Having something that works and is reliable is a huge game changer.”

For more information about GSA’s involvement with CFL, please visit our Computers for Learning webpage.

Two people loading computers onto an Eaton School District van
Computers being loaded onto Eaton School District vans, Dec. 2020 Photograph by Rich Stebbins
Palettes of laptops and boxes stacked in a warehouse with a cement floor
Computers marked for pick up for the Computers for Learning program at the Denver Federal Center campus warehouse, Dec. 2020. Photograph by Richard Stebbins