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Upcoming FAST Training Dives into Professional Services with Technical and Engineering Requirements Development

Upcoming FAST Training Dives into Professional Services with Technical and Engineering Requirements Development

| Erv Koehler, Assistant Commissioner, GSA FAS Office of Customer and Stakeholder Engagement
Post filed in: Federal Acquisition Service

Registration for the next FAS Training (FAST) session “Professional Services: Technical and Engineering Requirements” is now open.

Join us Wednesday, April 20 at 1 p.m. EDT. We’ll explore:

  • Technical and Engineering Services Requirements Development: Develop requirements for technical and engineering services to make your acquisition a success.
  • Cryptocurrency and the Future: Discover the changing cryptocurrency landscape within the federal government. Explore examples of how agencies address their evolving cryptocurrency needs.
  • Market Research As a Service Tool (MRAS): Access GSA’s free-to-use Market Research As a Service (MRAS) tool to help you do market research for your professional services acquisition.
  • Sustainable Acquisitions for Professional Services Requirements: Learn how sustainability in federal professional services contracts supports environmental and societal needs and President Biden’s current management agenda. Find out what agencies are doing today to achieve these new goals.

Earn three Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) for attending. Register today or visit our FAST website to learn more about our monthly conference series.

What is FAST?

FAST is one of GSA’s top training opportunities for our government and industry partners. These conference events

  • connect subject matter experts,
  • showcase tools, and
  • provide resources to support buyers and sellers.

Each month’s conference helps agencies define clear requirements to get better mission outcomes.

Sign up to attend this conference if you are a:

  • Government program manager,
  • Government contracting professional, or
  • Industry partner (current and prospective sellers)

Upcoming Training Sessions

Remaining conferences include:

  • May 18: Facilities Solutions: Enhancing Requirements
  • July 20: Defining Furniture & Furnishing Solution Requirements

FAST 2022 Conference

Sign up now for FAST2022, our annual three-day conference. It’s June 21-23, 2022, online.

This year’s theme, “Data to Insights, Insights to Action, Action to Impact,” covers cross-cutting governmentwide challenges and solutions.

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