Reporting Excess Property

Who must report

Federal executive agencies are legally required to report excess personal property to GSA for screening and disposal. The legislative and judicial branches are encouraged to report their excess personal property to GSA.

Excess personal property includes property to which the government holds title but is in the custody of federal agencies’ contractors, cooperatives, or project grantees.

How to report

Federal agencies should report federal excess personal property in GSAXcess:

  • GSAXcess®: This online platform allows agencies to report, search for, and select property. Users need a User ID and password and must follow GSAXcess Entry Guidelines. The Report Property application is a screen that captures the data elements that are on a Standard Form 120.
  • Electronic Batch Report: Batch reporting is the process of grouping (batching) property records that are formatted in a GSA prescribed way (record layout) and transmitting the resulting file to GSA via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). The GSA record layout contains the data elements required on the SF120 and specifies their length and position within the record. For more details concerning electronic submissions, request information through
  • Manual Submission with Standard Form 120 (SF120) (Report of Excess Personal Property): Agencies may submit a SF120 with prior approval of the Personal Property Management Officer responsible for the geographic area in which the property is physically located. Contact your Area Property Officer for more information.

GSA can assist agencies by providing procedural information and general assistance.

Watch this informational video to find out how to report, request, and acquire excess property.

Note: This video is hosted by a nongovernment commercial site.

Assigning a property custodian

At the beginning of each disposal process, federal agencies must assign one employee to act as Property Custodian. Through the process, the Property Custodian is responsible to:

  • Safeguard and maintain the agency's excess personal property,
  • Show the property when contacted by interested parties, and
  • Show the property during special screenings.

When property is ready for transfer, donation, or sale, the custodian will:

  • Give GSA a copy of the transfer or donation request,
  • Coordinate removal and release to the proper recipient, and
  • Inform GSA that the property has been removed.

Custodians having problems with an acquiring agency should contact the local GSA Area Property Officer (APO) for help in reaching a resolution.

Links to property disposal-related forms

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-09