Freight Management Program

GSA’s Freight Management Program (FMP) provides agencies with planning and procurement services for all freight transportation needs. Our subject matter experts and leading industry practices supports your agency’s mission and goals. All services are provided at no cost.

The FMP is designated by OMB as a Tier 2 Solution within Government-wide Category Management, and will help meet your agency’s Spend Under Management (SUM) goals. GSA’s FMP has been servicing customers for over 35 years, including 48 bureaus within 22 Federal Civilian agencies across 174 shipping locations. It maintains a roster of over 1,000 Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) with over 10% being socio-economic and small business owners.

FMP Offerings

The Freight Management Program offers:

  • A network of commercial vendors.
  • Highly competitive rates available for immediate use.
  • Efficient ordering and booking.
  • Bill of Lading (BOL) creation and documentation.
  • Expert advice and assistance.

Standard Tender of Service

The standard tender of service (STOS) serves as the base document for the transportation of freight-all-kinds (FAK) shipments by federal civilian agencies and other eligible organizations utilizing the services of GSA Freight Management Branch.

  1. GSA Freight STOS establishes carrier approval requirements, solicitation and submission of rate offer procedures, performance requirements, service standards, and non-use procedures.
  2. GSA No. 200-A Uniform Rules Tariff describes all accessorial and rule tariffs.
  3. GSA Baseline Rate Publication No. 1000-D describes all carrier and bureau line haul tariffs.
  4. Fuel Surcharge provides TSPs with relief from sudden and unforeseen increases in diesel fuel prices.
  5. The TSP monthly report template [XLSX - 35 KB] is available to report shipments per calendar month.

Electronic Bill of Lading (BOL)

GSA's electronic Bill of Lading (BOL) provides documentation and authorization for an agency's shipments of freight. For either method, shippers can easily book a shipment online, complete the BOL, and print a single copy to accompany the shipment.

For Freight customers, the electronic BOL is available in TMSS 2.0.

Request for Offers (RFO)

The request for offers (RFOs) is the process by which GSA invites Transportation Services Providers (TSPs) to submit rates for the shipment of freight. TSPs who have been approved by the Freight Management Branch and have agreed to abide by the STOS terms and conditions are eligible to file rates. RFOs are issued prior to rate filing periods.

Our STOS establishes a uniform basis for buying freight transportation through our rules and accessorial services. GSA provides highly competitive pricing which can include the solicitation and acceptance of rates specific to an agency’s facility or traffic characteristics.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-04-27