Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS) 2.0

TMSS 2.0

TMSS 2.0 is GSA’s transportation management solution. This cloud based application was specifically engineered to help your agency meet its transportation needs. TMSS 2.0 provides a suite of services and advanced management tools that promote efficiency during shipment creation, planning, tendering, execution and reporting – all in a single solution and free of charge!

Benefits of Using TMSS 2.0

  • Among its numerous benefits, TMSS 2.0:
  • Is free of charge for agencies to use;
  • Provides access to GSA’s highly competitive negotiated rates.
  • Eliminates the cost to maintain a proprietary transportation management system (TMS);
  • Streamlines transportation sourcing with automated load tendering;
  • Lists detailed shipment information regarding accessorials, pickup and delivery schedules;
  • Provides enhanced accountability through detailed transaction history
  • Numerous reporting capabilities
  • 24/7 shipment booking capabilities
  • Allows you to choose from more than 1500 approved TSPs

Capabilities of TMSS 2.0

  • Ability to compare costs of freight transportation to aid in best-value decision making;
  • Capable of supporting motor, rail, ocean, air and international freight shipments;
  • Advanced reporting tools;
  • Offers automated shipment planning and tendering;
  • Supports location specific information, such as required delivery dates, pickup and delivery hours;
  • Automated bill of lading (BOL) generation;
  • Supports electronic communications between agency and TSP;

Get Started Using TMSS 2.0

Sign up to use TMSS 2.0
Once on the site, scroll down and select ‘Register’. Follow the instructions to register and use TMSS 2.0. It’s that easy!

Last Reviewed: 2020-07-13