Federal Screening

GSA generally holds a 21-day federal screening of the property once a federal agency has reported excess property. During this three-week screening period, the following organizations and people can inspect and freeze items of interest:

  • Federal agencies;
  • Cost-reimbursable contractors;
  • Grantees;
  • Public airports;
  • State Agencies for Surplus Property (SASP);
  • Nonprofit educational and public health activities; and,
  • Service educational activities.

GSA will need to screen the property while it is in use and make it available for inspection if the agency plans to use the property until the time of transfer. The agency’s National Utilization Officer (NUO), DoD Accountable Property Officer, or DoD Contracting Officer will oversee this process.

Available to State Agencies and Public Organizations

Property will be made available for donation to state and local governments and public organizations if no federal agency selects the property within this 21-day federal screening period. Both excess and surplus customers can screen personal property simultaneously, though items are available for selection first to federal agencies. After this screening period, state agencies and non-profit organizations have five days to select the surplus property.

Available to the General Public

GSA will offer the property for sale to the general public if no federal, state, or local agency show interest in the property during the allotted screening period. However, the transferring federal agency can chose another approved Sales Center to list excess property.

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-09