Identity Protection Services (IPS)

GSA offers two ways for federal agencies to access the identity protection services (IPS) they need to meet the demands of any suspected breach and the ability to take proactive measures before a breach occurs:

  • Identity Protection Services Blanket Purchase Agreement
  • Data Breach Response and Identity Protection Services Special Item Number on the Multiple Award Schedule

Both provide the critical services agencies need with access to a pool of best qualified contractors capable of providing a comprehensive range of identity protection services, including:

  • Business information services;
  • Credit monitoring services;
  • Identity monitoring services;
  • Identity theft insurance;
  • Identity restoration services;
  • Website services; and
  • Call center services (related to these requirements).

Learn more about each offering below:

With the increased demand for identity protection services and the evolving requirements of our customer agencies, GSA determined that standing up a Special Item Number (SIN) allows agencies to secure a total solution for IPS and the ordering office to tailor their scope for only selective segments of services found under this SIN.

The SIN will replace the existing Identity Protection Services Blanket Purchase Agreement that will expire in August 2020. Ordering offices with existing task orders in place are encouraged to look to the SIN for future needs and all new requirements should be placed against 541990IPS.

What the SIN Offers

The SIN offers an integrated, total service solution to provide identity monitoring and notification of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), identity theft insurance and identity restoration services, and protect (safeguard) the confidentiality of PII and PHI. Additional services include:

  • Business information services;
  • Credit monitoring services;
  • Identity monitoring services;
  • Identity theft insurance;
  • Identity restoration services;
  • Website services; and
  • Call center services (related to these requirements).

Best-in-Class Consideration

GSA is working with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to designate the SIN as a Best-in-Class solution and to issue an addendum OMB Memo M-16-14 making the SIN the preferred source for indentity protection services.

Ordering Guide

Using FAR 8.405 ordering procedures, this Ordering Guide [PDF - 111 KB] provides high level ordering instruction for customer agencies including specific steps required to place an order.

  • Note: Due to (future) BIC Status, Order actions must be reported in FPDS within three days after execution of the action. Email notification of the award shall also be submitted to GSA at within five days after execution of the action. The email notification shall consist of a copy of the task order award, including the Statemen to Work (SOW) if applicable, and a brief description of the task and total price of the order.

For more information about the scope of services and to acquire quotes, visit GSA’s eLibrary.

The Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)Services Protection (IPS) BPA was established in 2015 in response to a series of major data breaches. Through the BPA federal agencies have access to a variety of identity protection services (IPS) covering both routine protection services that include:

  • Consumer credit reports, address verification reports, and credit risk assessments; and
  • Recovery services involving suspected or actual breaches of sensitive personally identifiable information.

GSA plans to sunset the BPA in August 2020

OMB Memo/Best-in-Class

The IPS governmentwide multiple award BPAs are a Best-in-Class Contract and are the preferred source in accordance with OMB Memo M-16-14.

Tiers of Experience

Two tiers of contractors are available under the BPAs:

  • Tier 1: Is awarded only to Contractors with experience in responding to data breaches impacting populations of significant size (benchmark of 21.5 million); and
  • Tier 2: Includes Contractors with general experience in providing routine data breach responses

Tier 1 Contractors are included in Tier 2. Ordering Contracting Officers have the discretion to compete task orders (TO) at either Tier regardless of the impacted population size.

During the performance period of the BPAs, Tier 2 Contractors not selected as Tier 1 service providers can provide to the BPA Contracting Officer evidence of their experience in responding to data breaches impacting populations of significant size and based on that documentation, may be added to Tier 1.

Authorized Users

Any warranted Contracting Officer from authorized users of the Schedules program, within the scope of their delegated procurement authorities, may place orders against the BPA(s).

IPS BPA Ordering Period

Five years from September 01, 2015, through August 31, 2020. Orders (including order options) have their own period of performance. Any orders placed during the BPA ordering period may extend beyond that period (including the right to exercise order options) and be completed in accordance with the Contractor’s FSS FAR clause 52.216-22 paragraph (d).

Order Dollar Value Limitations

Unlike most ID/IQ Contracts, BPAs do not have a dollar value ceiling. Thus there is no dollar value limitation on the size of an order.

Small Business Credit

Agencies will receive small business credit when issuing orders to small business BPA holders. For BPAs based on a Contractor Teaming Arrangement (CTA), a small business team member may be designated as the CTA lead for any task order as applicable. Hence, all CTA members have been assigned BPA numbers for this purpose. Agencies are also authorized if applicable to set-aside orders for small business. See ordering procedures for further details.

IPS BPA Award Information

This IPS BPA Award Matrix [XLSX - 12 KB]provides a listing of all BPA holders.

The following is a list of each IPS BPA Award Package which includes BPA Scope, Terms, Conditions and Prices:

ID Experts

Ladlas Prince


IPS BPA Ordering Procedures

The IPS BPA Ordering Procedures [PDF - 271 KB] provide high level ordering guidance for customer agencies issuing task orders against these BPAs. General ordering procedures, small business set-aside procedures, and Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) recording procedures necessary to correctly record awards to Contractor Teaming Arrangement (CTA) teams are addressed.

Use this IPS BPA Contractor Email List to email BPA Holders for RFQ/RFI purposes. If it does not populate the "to" field in your email client correctly, use this Contractor Email List [XLSX - 10 KB] to copy and paste in the “to” field of your email client.

IPS BPA Task Order Level Quote Instructions for Contractors

The IPS BPA Contractor TO Level Quote Instructions [PDF - 12 KB] provide information for BPA contractors competing for task orders issued against these BPAs. Pricing, team lead assignment and small business set-aside instructions are addressed.

Last Reviewed: 2020-06-04