Identity Protection Services (IPS)

GSA offers federal agencies access to the identity protection services (IPS) they need to meet the demands of any suspected breach and the ability to take proactive measures before a breach occurs through the Data Breach Response and Identity Protection Services Special Item Number (SIN 541990IPS) on the Multiple Award Schedule.

The SIN allows agencies to secure a total solution for IPS and ordering office to tailor their scope for only selective segments of services found under this SIN. Agencies have access to a pool of best qualified contractors capable of providing a comprehensive range of identity protection services.

The SIN has been designated Best-in-Class (BIC) by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). In accordance with OMB Memo M-16-14, like the former Blanket Purchase Agreement, the IPS SIN is the preferred source for data breach serves in order to maximize Federal agency use of a government-wide solution for acquiring identity protection services when needed. Memorandum M-16-14 requires, with limited exception, that when agencies need identity protection services, agencies, address their requirements by using the SIN 541990IPS. Taking advantage of SIN 541990IPS ensures agencies can meet their needs with expeditious delivery of a BIC solution from pre-approved and vetted companies at competitive pricing and reduced administrative costs.

Last Reviewed: 2020-12-22