Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement

The areas with the greatest opportunity for improving federal government efficiency and effectiveness often seem intractable because they cross federal agencies with complex bureaucracies and competing incentives and priorities. The Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement specializes in big, systemic problems. Our work helps agencies move towards operating as one federal enterprise to make government work better and cost less.

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Current Areas of Focus

The President’s Management Agenda
The President's Management Agenda lays out a long-term vision for modernizing the federal government in key areas that will improve the ability of agencies to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service and effectively steward taxpayer dollars. Our communities are the driving force for accomplishing many of these cross-agency priorities. We use cross-sector and cross-government collaboration, performance data and expertise to help inform the strategies and policy changes that will accomplish the modernization outlined in the PMA. Learn about the PMA at

Shared Services and the Office of Unified Shared Services Management
The current approach to performing common mission support functions such as human
resources, financial management, procurement, travel, and grants management has resulted in massive duplication, fragmentation, and manual processes. Improving how these functions are delivered and shared across agencies through the Sharing Quality Services Cross-Agency Priority Goal will better support agency missions and save tax dollars. The Unified Shared Services Management team is leading key initiatives to make this a reality. Learn more at

Executive Councils
The Councils coordinate engagement and policy development across the CXO ecosystem. Their Interagency initiatives spur innovation, communities elevate and spread best practices, and bridge the gap between policy making and implementation to improve outcomes.

President’s Management Council (PMC)
Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC)
Chief Financial Officers Council (CFOC)
Chief Human Capital Officers Council (CHCOC)*
Chief Acquisition Officers Council (CAOC)
Performance Improvement Council (PIC)
Federal Privacy Council (FPC)

* The CHCO Council is run by OPM.

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Empowering Agencies to Improve Performance

We use a number of tools and engagements to hep agencies reach their goals.

  • Strategy: Expertise in management initiatives informs cross-functional and cross-government solutions.
  • Performance Data: Governmentwide performance data informs agencies' tough-decisions, best practices and benchmarking.
  • Hands-on-Help: Analysis, facilitated engagements, stakeholder engagement, playbooks and toolkits provide leading practices to agencies.

Learn more about how was can help your agency at

Building the Bench of Leaders

  • The White House Leadership Development (WHLD) Program engages a diverse annual cohort of GS-15 career employees. The program develops the next generation of senior leaders while also delivering results on the federal government's highest priority and highest impact challenges. Read more here.
  • The CXO Fellowship program, sponsored by the Executive Councils, is dedicated to providing enriching professional development opportunities for the next generation of Federal leaders in acquisitions, finance, human capital, and information technology. The program provides an opportunity for Federal leaders to grow professionally through a unique set of educational seminars and events. Read more here.
Last Reviewed: 2020-05-04