The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Annual Comprehensive Review

From Section 7 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act

(a) The Administrator shall establish and maintain within the General Services Administration a Committee Management Secretariat, which shall be responsible for all matters relating to advisory committees.

(b) The Administrator shall, immediately after October 6, 1972, institute a comprehensive review of the activities and responsibilities of each advisory committee to determine:

  1. Whether such committee is carrying out its purpose;
  2. Whether, consistent with the provisions of applicable statutes, the responsibilities assigned to it should be revised;
  3. Whether it should be merged with other advisory committees; or
  4. Whether it should be abolished.

The Administrator may from time to time request such information as he deems necessary to carry out his functions under this subsection. Upon the completion of the Administrator's review he shall make recommendations to the President and to either the agency head or the Congress with respect to action he believes should be taken. Thereafter, the Administrator shall carry out a similar review annually. Agency heads shall cooperate with the Administrator in making the reviews required by this subsection.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26