The Alcan LPOE is a full-service, 24-hour port of entry serving personal vehicles and commercial truck traffic between Tok, Alaska and Yukon Territory, Canada.

The Alcan LPOE is the only full service overland LPOE providing access to Anchorage and Fairbanks. Established in 1972 the facility is now over 50 years old and in urgent need of replacement as all systems and facilities have exceeded their useful operating life.

Overhead view of a collection of low white buildings with green lawn area around them, near a dirt field, and pine tree forests all around
Cropped view of a schematic diagram of a collection of blue and orange buildings, roads, elevation lines and other map elements

Project Overview

The project includes the Port operational facilities, housing and community complexes with modern facilities that will meet US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and GSA operational needs.

Due to the extreme remoteness of the LPOE, construction will include all essential services to ensure continuous facility operations and a safe living environment for CBP family members. Construction includes livable units using standardized CBP designs in a variety of configurations to support varying family sizes and accessibility needs.

Project Benefits

The new Alcan port will enclose primary and secondary inspection areas into a single building, shielding CBP personnel from extreme weather conditions while they work. Additional goals of this project include: achieving a LEED Gold certification by maximizing energy efficiency and effectively managing stormwater; and engaging the local Native Alaskan tribes through community outreach and meaningful employment opportunities.

Last Reviewed: 2022-02-24