Large brown bear in a green field with scrubby trees in the middle ground and mountains with some snow in the background, with the title Alaska at left and the state shape with a gold star along the eastern border


Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we will modernize the Alcan Land Port of Entry in Alaska. The port is the only year-round, full-service, 24-hour port of entry serving personal vehicles and commercial truck traffic between the Yukon Territory, Canada, and the Alaskan mainland. It sits in a remote location along the Alaska Highway, about five hours (285 miles) southeast of Fairbanks and seven hours (400 miles) northeast of Anchorage. A majority of the adjacent area is undeveloped forest, wetlands and tundra.

Supply chain

The land port is the only land crossing between mainland Alaska and Canada that operates year-round. Before 2014, U.S. Customs and Border Protection processed about 1,000 trucks yearly, but in more recent years, it’s been over 6,000. These commercial trucks bring goods to mainland Alaskans.

Jobs and economic impact

Due to the extreme remoteness of the LPOE, construction will include all essential services to ensure continuous facility operations and a safe, accessible living environment for CBP families. The low-density population means a limited labor force is available in the immediate area.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We will engage with Alaska Native Villages through community outreach and with Alaska Native Regional Corporations with meaningful employment opportunities.

Angled view of a facility of low brick and cement buildings, with canopy and lanes, a flag pole in front and greenery and mountains in the background
Alcan Land Port of Entry


This project seeks to achieve LEED certification by maximizing energy efficiency and effectively managing stormwater.


The facility is now over 50 years old and in urgent need of replacement. The construction of a new port facility will provide increased safety and security for CBP, their families, and the general public passing through Alcan. Our upgraded infrastructure will enhance and improve CBP’s vehicle inspection technology, which will allow for efficient, safe, and timely processing at Alcan LPOE.

Local impact

Improving the port facilities will help increase commercial trucking to and from the U.S., which will positively impact the entire region.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-13