GSA Learning Agenda and Evaluation Plans

Learning Agenda

GSA is committed to ensuring a strong culture of evaluation, evidence building, and learning. GSA’s Learning Agenda sets a series of agency-wide learning targets in alignment with GSA’s strategic objectives and in collaboration with varied offices across GSA. Implementation of the Learning Agenda offers an opportunity to improve how GSA builds and uses evidence and better align performance, budget, strategic planning, policymaking, data, and evidence-building activities.

Annual Evaluation Plan

GSA’s Annual Evaluation Plans are a set of priority evaluations for the next fiscal year that build on the GSA Learning Agenda. The Annual Evaluation Plan will support progress on the Learning Agenda.

Capacity Assessment

The capacity assessment framework is a tool to assess and ultimately develop robust evidence-building capacity, in support of GSA’s activities, operations and strategic priorities. This tool and process provides GSA the opportunity to measure and document its current capacity to build and use high quality evidence across activities (e.g., programs, initiatives) and operations (e.g., administrative and support tasks), and identify capacity-building priorities and activities in Fiscal Years 2022-26.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-03-14