E-Gov Travel Service (ETS)

The E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) is a government-wide, web-based, and world-class travel management service. This streamlined service continually applies commercial best practices to realize travel efficiencies and deliver a transparent, accountable, and sustainable service that yields exceptional customer satisfaction.

ETS's Achievements:

  • Unified over 80 Executive Branch Agencies to a common, secure, web-based, and automated service.
  • Eliminated over 250 disparate, non-web based and paper-driven systems.
  • Leveraged the Federal Government’s purchasing power.
  • Increased online adoption.
  • Reduced the reimbursement cycle time.
  • Significantly reduced vendor costs.


The ETS program is currently operating in its second contract period, ETS2, which includes a three (3)-year base period and three four (4)-year option periods through June 3, 2027. The legacy ETS transition will run through November 11, 2015. At that time, all customer agencies will be transitioned to ETS2.

ETS2 enables the Federal Government to consolidate travel services, platforms, and channels. It also improves the leverage of government travel spending, reduces waste, and increases transparency for accountability purposes. This supports and aligns with the Office of Management and Budget Memo M-12-12, Promoting Efficient Spending to Support Agency Operations, with respect to travel.

ETS2 New Benefits and Features

  • Improved usability and optimized online travel planning
  • Increased navigation and ease-of-use, enabling informed cost and sustainability decisions at point-of-sale
  • Strengthened operational environment, improving management by adopting commercial best practices in software development, data transparency and improved security controls

ETS2 Contractors

Last Reviewed: 2021-11-16