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Technology in Action: How Robotic Process Automation Is Working to Transform Customer Satisfaction


This is the second in a series of blogs about how GSA is using robotic process automation. In case you missed it, read about how robotic process automation is transforming federal buying.

This is not the only way GSA is using RPA! In fact, GSA has over 100 bots in use with more in the pipeline. 

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation is a form of automation software. It uses software robots, more commonly called “bots,” that mimic basic human-computer interactions. These interactions include mundane and repetitive computer-based tasks and processes you might use at work. 

Example: Calling customer service

An RPA you have likely interacted with is when calling a company call center. When you call, the bot:

  • Answers typical questions raised by customers.
  • Combines relevant information associated with a customer on a single screen for the customer service agent.
  • Allows agents to have prominent information before talking to customers.

How is GSA using RPA to maintain high customer satisfaction? 

GSA’s Public Buildings Service (PBS) manages office space in more than 8,000 real estate assets across the U.S. 

We lease available vacant space in certain properties at market rates to private businesses as well as state and local government agencies. These spaces include retail shops, food service facilities, office space, warehouse space, and parking lots.

We refer to this offering as “outleasing.” With our outleases we want to retain highly satisfied lease customers.

To help with this, we use a survey bot. The PBS customer pulse survey bot:

  • Identifies lease awards completed within the last three months and sends the point of contact a link to a customer service survey specific for that deal. 
  • Follows up with the client if the survey has not been completed.
  • Downloads the response data into an easy to analyze format. 
  • Sends information to the necessary GSA regional contact for in-depth review.

Using the survey bot has helped maintain a high customer satisfaction rate. It has created an average of 260 hours of capacity per year, freeing GSA staff to focus on higher-value tasks. Prior to automation, more than 60 people across the country manually surveyed customers.

Attn Federal Workers: Community of practice

Are you a member of the federal workforce and interested in learning more about RPAs? Join the RPA Community of Practice. It helps convert RPA enthusiasm into agency action:

  • Develop programs that are cost-effective and auditable. 
  • Avoid common pitfalls. 
  • Make a significant impact!

Last Reviewed: 2022-09-14