Federal Fleet Management System (FedFMS)

You can use GSA’s Federal Fleet Management System (FedFMS) to manage your agency’s vehicles. If you purchase vehicles from GSA and do not already have a fleet management information system, you can use FedFMS for free.

According to FMR 102-34.340, all federal agencies must have a fleet management information system. FedFMS meets this requirement, and will help you collect inventory, cost, and use data for the complete lifecycle of vehicles in your fleet.

FedFMS automatically imports data from fleet card systems and other GSA systems that house agency-owned vehicle data. The tool provides you all the information necessary to satisfy regular reporting requirements such as the Federal Automotive Statistical Tool, Vehicle Allocation Methodology, and annual OMB data calls.

Login or create a new account to access FedFMS. Please contact GSA.FedFMS@gsa.gov with any questions.

Last Reviewed: 2022-08-01