Vehicles & Accessories from GSA Schedule

Eligible customers can purchase specialty motor vehicles and accessories through AutoChoice or contract with pre-approved vendors found on GSA Consolidated Schedule, search under the Transportation and Logistics Services - Motor Vehicles (non-Combat). Schedule offerings provide a wide variety of specialty vehicles and accessories, including:

  • Fire Fighting Apparatus and Attachments
  • Law Enforcement Vehicles and Attachments
  • Special Vocational Vehicles and Attachments
  • Utility & Telecom Construction Equipment and Attachments
  • Snow Maintenance Equipment
  • Aircraft Ground Support Vehicles and Equipment
  • Upfitting Services
  • Low Speed Vehicles
  • Trailers and Attachments
  • Tires
  • Leased Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Automotive Maintenance, Repair and Body Services

Please review the GSA Schedule ordering instructions to learn more about how to buy. If you need something more customized or need something now, GSA Fleet can help. Please contact us at 844-472-1200 or

Learn More About How to Buy Vehicles

Last Reviewed: 2022-06-14