Federal Broadband Quarterly Report Library


Executive Order 13821, Streamlining and Expediting Requests to Locate Broadband Facilities in Rural America, accelerates the deployment and adoption of broadband connectivity in rural America and enables sustainable rural broadband infrastructure projects. The order directs federal property managing agencies to:

  • Seek to reduce barriers to capital investment.
  • Remove obstacles to broadband services.
  • Use the GSA Common Form Application, as revised, if necessary, to evaluate requests to locate broadband facilities on federal property.
  • Report to GSA on a quarterly basis regarding their use of the Common Form Application.

GSA Reporting Requirements under Executive Order 13821

Federal property managing agencies are required to report quarterly to GSA:

  • The number of applications for broadband siting permits received.
  • The number and percentage approved.
  • The number and percentage rejected.
  • The basis for any rejection.
  • The number of working days each application was pending before being approved or rejected.

Each report must include the number of applications received, approved, and rejected within the preceding quarter.

GSA then prepares and provides to the director of OMB an aggregated summary report each quarter.


To align with continued transparency efforts of the Federal government, GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy collaborated with the Office of Management and Budget and American Broadband Initiative leadership to have the EO 13821 report published on gsa.gov. As a result of that collaboration, the Q3 FY 2022 report, and subsequent reports, will be shared publicly on this site.

In February 2020, in collaboration with OMB and the Streamlining Federal Permitting Workgroup, GSA developed a more comprehensive approach for classifying the various stages that applications for broadband siting permits go through by adding two new categories—(1) date withdrawn and (2) date authorized. These changes to the reporting process were designed to reduce misunderstandings between the reporting agencies and GSA and standardize application timelines across agencies.

GSA uses data submitted annually to the Federal Real Property Profile Management System to identify federal property managing agencies who should be submitting data to GSA quarterly in accordance with EO 13821.

OMB approved the revised SF-299 on February 14, 2020. As a result, the SF-299, as revised, is now the exclusive form used by non-federal entities to request approval to install telecommunications equipment on federal assets and lands.

GSA distributes a questionnaire to agencies quarterly. A section of that questionnaire is formatted to allow agencies to submit detailed data about the applications for broadband sitting permits that have been submitted during the reporting quarter.

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-13