Reimbursable Services (RS) Program

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Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWAs) are formal agreements between GSA and a customer whereby GSA agrees to provide goods and/or services and the customer agrees to reimburse GSA's direct and indirect costs.

Recent updates to the RS Program

Customer Direct Data Entry Rights and Integrated Digital Signatures in eRETA.

Click here [PDF - 415 KB] to learn all the benefits of having access to eRETA, and visit to learn how to gain access and utilize training materials such as user guides, video demonstrations, and more!

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National Policy Document for RWAs

This document disseminates the RWA National Policy Document, in its entirety, with the goal of promoting clear and consistent understanding of the Reimbursable Services Program and governing policies.

National Policy Document for Reimbursable Work Authorizations [PDF - 3 MB] December 2017

Submitting an RWA to GSA

Option 1: Customer Direct Data Entry via eRETA (preferred) - Customers are encouraged to use eRETA to electronically submit RWA Work Requests to GSA. After submitting a request for a project/service in eRETA, eRETA automatically routes the request to the appropriate GSA regional POC, who then works with the customer to further develop requirements and build out the RWA. See the two links above for more information regarding eRETA access, as well as user guides and video demonstrations outlining how to utilize this new functionality!

Option 2: Manual method - After working with a GSA PBS representative to develop requirements, customers may email their signed RWA Form 2957 to the region where the project/service will be delivered. Regions 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 have centralized mailboxes for this purpose. For other regions, customers should submit their RWA to the PBS representative they worked with to develop their requirements. To locate a PBS representative for assistance, please contact the RWA Manager (see map further below) in the region where the work will be delivered.

Region 2 (NY, NJ, Caribbean)
Region 4 (GA, TN, NC, SC, KY, AL, MS, FL)
Region 6 (MO, IA, NE, KS)
Region 7 (TX, NM, OK, AR, LA)
Region 10 (WA, OR, ID, AK)
For all other regions RWA Manager [PDF - 249 KB]

Note: Please ensure to download and save the form to your computer/device before using as the form is only compatible when opened directly in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software. The form will not work if using the Adobe Plug-in for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or any other web browser.

RWA Questions?

For questions about the RWA Program, Process, or Policy please contact us at and we would be more than happy to provide further assistance!

For region or project specific RWA questions, please use the RWA Managers Map [PDF - 249 KB] or list [PDF - 108 KB] to contact the appropriate PBS RWA Manager.

RWA Managers Map

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