Reimbursable Services (RS) Program

Need Above Standard Projects or Services in GSA-Managed Space?

If yes, a Reimbursable Work Authorization (RWA) is required. An RWA is an Interagency Agreement establishing the formal agreement between your agency and GSA, and authorizes GSA to provide services and then be reimbursed for the costs plus applicable GSA fees. Examples of RWA projects and services include renovations, repairs, alterations and utility/cleaning services.

  • For Federal customers, an RWA is required for any project or service in GSA-managed space* that goes beyond what is included in rent.
  • For non-Federal customers, an RWA is required for any project or service in GSA-managed space.

The RS Program establishes consistency across GSA regions regarding intake, acceptance, completion, and closeout of RWAs/RWA Work Requests.

Formal agreements between GSA and a federal agency customer where GSA agrees to provide goods, services, or both, and the federal agency agrees to reimburse GSA's direct and indirect costs.

How Do I Submit Above Standard Project or Service Needs to GSA?

Are you a Federal customer? (Federal customers include all Executive Branch agencies and the Judiciary)

  • If yes, then you must use eRETA to electronically submit all RWA and RWA Work Request information to GSA. Visit for information on gaining eRETA access as well as training materials on how to use the system.
  • View a visual of the Work Request-RWA Process [PDF - 16 KB].

Are you a non-Federal customer? (non-Federal customers include private entities and state and local governments)

  • If yes, contact the appropriate Regional RWA Manager who will ensure your request is routed to the appropriate regional POCs to develop requirements on your project or service. Once requirements are fully developed you’ll complete the RWA Form 2957 and send to the same Regional RWA Manager. For information on how to prepay for your RWA, visit the Billing & Payments page.

What is the Difference Between RWAs and RWA Work Requests?

  • RWA Work Requests (WRs) are sent by a customer to PBS as an identification of a need for a project or service. A WR does not become an RWA until requirements are developed and it is signed by the customer and PBS.
  • Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWAs) are formal agreements between GSA and a customer whereby GSA agrees to provide goods and/or services and the customer agrees to reimburse GSA's direct and indirect costs.

Questions on RWA Policy, Training, Billing, or eRETA?

Visit any of the RS Program pages using the left navigation bar. If you can't find an answer to your question, visit the "Contact Us" page where you'll find a list of contacts who can help you with what you need.

The shortcut to this RS Program Overview page is

*In some cases, GSA may provide RWA projects and services to Federal customers in space not managed by GSA. Examples include new construction, projects/services at Land Ports of Entry, military bases, and some others. For more information, contact the appropriate Regional RWA Manager [PDF - 166 KB].

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-09