Billing & Payment

Federal Customers (Executive Branch agencies and the Judiciary):

  • Looking for your RWA billing statement (issued August 2013 to today)?
  • Looking for an older billing statement (issued July 2013 or earlier)?
    • Visit the Online Billing page where you'll find a section on RWAs and Billview.
    • To gain access to Billview, send an e-mail to A response will be sent instructing the user how to establish a permanent password and how to log-in to Billview.
  • Paying with a Purchase Card?
    • To use a purchase card to pay for reimbursable services, customers must mark “Non-IPAC” or “Prepaid” as the Billing Type on the RWA and utilize to pay GSA for goods and/or services rendered. Purchase Card payments in should be made using the GSA Finance Ft Worth Credit Card Form option in the Federal Agency list. Federal Customers paying with a purchase card must make payments via for each bill received.
  • Looking to roll recurring services into your PBS Rent Bill?
    • First confirm the recurring services fall under one of the categories listed below:
      • Overtime Utilities (OT)
      • Enhanced Custodial Services
      • Mechanical Operations and Maintenance heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC)
      • Mechanical Operations and Maintenance Others
    • If the recurring services fall under one of the categories listed above, they may be rolled into your PBS Rent Bill so long as the following two conditions are met:
      1. They must be billed to the same Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) or Billing Office Address Code (BOAC) used for PBS Rent Bills.
      2. You must sign up as a "participating agency" through GSA's Office of the Chief Financial Officer.
    • GSA will amend the Occupancy Agreement with a memo. Be aware that customers must renew the service annually or GSA will discontinue the billing and services at the end of each fiscal year.

Non-Federal Customers (Private entities and State and Local Governments):

  • Non-Federal Customers must prepay for all RWA goods and services and are encouraged to use but may send physical checks instead. Instructions for both options can be found below:
    1. Pay. gov option (PREFERRED): instructions for RWA payments via can be found here [PDF - 756 KB].
    2. Physical check option (follow both steps below):
      • Step 1: Scan and email the original signed RWA Form 2957 along with a copy of the check to the appropriate Regional RWA Manager [PDF - 165 KB].
      • Step 2: Include the RWA number on the check and send both the original check and a copy of the signed RWA Form 2957 to the address below for standard (daytime) or overnight mailing.
        • Standard (Daytime)
          • Reimbursable Work Authorizations
            P.O. Box 6200-30
            Portland, OR 97228-6200
        • Overnight
          • U.S. Bank
            Attn: Government Lockbox – General Services Administration (GSA) #6200-30
            17650 NE Sandy Blvd.
            Portland, OR 97230

Additional Resources

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Last Reviewed: 2022-05-10