Billing & Payment

Federal Customers (Executive Branch agencies and the Judiciary):

  • Looking for your RWA billing statement (issued August 2013 to today)?
  • Looking for an older billing statement (issued July 2013 or earlier)?
    • Visit the Online Billing page where you'll find a section on RWAs and Billview.
    • To gain access to Billview, send an e-mail to A response will be sent instructing the user how to establish a permanent password and how to log-in to Billview.
  • Paying with a Purchase Card?
    • To use a purchase card to pay for reimbursable services, customers must mark “Non-IPAC” or “Prepaid” as the Billing Type on the RWA and utilize to pay GSA for goods and/or services rendered. Purchase Card payments in should be made using the GSA Finance Ft Worth Credit Card Form option in the Federal Agency list. Federal Customers paying with a purchase card must make payments via for each bill received.
  • Looking to roll recurring services into your PBS Rent Bill?
    • This program allows customer agencies to pay for recurring reimbursable services through the Occupancy Agreement (OA Tool and OA Billing). These reimbursable services must be constant from month to month (typically an R Type service). These services include:
      • Overtime Utilities
      • Enhanced Custodial Services
      • Mechanical Operations and Maintenance heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC)
      • Mechanical Operations and Maintenance Others
    • Proper written authorization from the customer agency's authorizing official who pays the PBS rent bill is required before acceptance into this program. For additional information on the program and specifics on how to apply, please reference the following guidance (Reimbursable Services Charges through the Occupancy Agreement).

Non-Federal Customers (Private entities and State and Local Governments):

  • Non-Federal Customers must prepay for all RWA goods and services and are encouraged to use but may send physical checks instead. Instructions for both options can be found below:=
    1. Pay. gov option (PREFERRED): instructions for RWA payments via can be found here [PDF - 756 KB].
    2. Physical check option (follow both steps below):
      • Step 1: Scan and email the original signed RWA Form 2957 along with a copy of the check to the appropriate Regional RWA Manager.
      • Step 2: Include the RWA number on the check and send both the original check and a copy of the signed RWA Form 2957 to the address below for standard (daytime) or overnight mailing.
        • Standard (Daytime)
          • Reimbursable Work Authorizations
            P.O. Box 6200-30
            Portland, OR 97228-6200
        • Overnight
          • U.S. Bank
            Attn: Government Lockbox – General Services Administration (GSA) #6200-30
            17650 NE Sandy Blvd.
            Portland, OR 97230

Additional Resources

Rent & Billing Related Resources

RWA Billing Tips and Reminders [PDF - 97 KB]

Last Reviewed: 2023-05-31