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Vendor & Customer Self Service (VCSS) - for RWA and HOTD Billing Statements issued since July 2013

VCSS Log-in Page:

As part of an agency wide billing consolidation project, GSA implemented the Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAAR) system across the agency in three phases between 2011 and 2015. VCSS is the customer facing portal to access billing statements. Starting in July 2013, RWA Billing Statements and HOTD Billing Statements are now generated in BAAR and made available in VCSS.

Please note, the VCSS application and related links are currently only compatible with Internet Explorer.

For more information about VCSS please refer to the following links:

  • To gain access to VCSS go to For step-by-step instructions on requesting access, go to Help.aspx and reference the VCSS Training, Section 2 presentation. For Account Codes, reference the BOAC numbers (field 9B) on your RWAs.
  • New Billing Statements - Phase 2A of VCSS also introduced an overhaul of the IPAC and non-IPAC billing statements for RWA and HOTD customers. Brochures outlining the changes to the billing statements can be found on the VCSS Help page by clicking here. The two brochures are labeled "About Your RWA Statement...".
  • Future BAAR Phases - To learn more about BAAR, VCSS, and the GSA business lines that will be implemented in future phases, please visit

Billview - for RWA and HOTD Billing Statements Issued Prior to July 2013

Billview Log-in Page: Billview was the predecessor website to access RWA and HOTD billing statements prior to July 2013. Billview remains available to query these older RWA billing statements as they were not converted and transferred into VCSS.

  • To gain access to Billview, send an e-mail to A response will be sent instructing the user how to establish a permanent password and how to log-in to Billview.

Paying with a Purchase Card?

To use a purchase card to pay for reimbursable services, customers must mark “Non-IPAC” or “Prepaid” as the Billing Type on the RWA and utilize to pay GSA for goods and/or services rendered. Purchase Card payments in should be made using the GSA Finance Ft Worth Credit Card Form option in the Federal Agency list. Non-Federal Customers must prepay for all RWA goods and/or services. Federal Customers paying with a purchase card must make payments via for each bill received.

Billing Recurring RWAs on the PBS Rent Bill

PBS can bill for the following recurring services on the PBS Rent Bill:

  • Overtime Utilities (OT)
  • Enhanced Custodial Services
  • Mechanical Operations and Maintenance heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Mechanical Operations and Maintenance Others

Customers can participate in this service if they agree upon two things:

  1. Have recurring services billed to the same Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) or Billing Office Address Code (BOAC) used for PBS Rent Bills.
  2. Sign up as a "participating agency" through GSA's Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

GSA will amend the Occupancy Agreement with a memo. Be aware that customers must renew the service annually or GSA will discontinue the billing and services at the end of each fiscal year. A $100 fee will be charged for each service billed per fiscal year.

For additional information and guidance, please reference the following links:

Rent & Billing Related Resources

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