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Effective October 1, 2019, the paper/PDF version of the GSA 2957 will no longer be accepted from Federal customers. Federal customers will be required to send all RWA and Work Request information to GSA via eRETA.


eRETA is the customer portal for RWA information integrated with GSA's financial management system, providing users real-time access to RWA project and financial information.

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What does eRETA allow me to do?

  • Electronically submit new work requests
  • Enter your information directly into the system
  • Make edits/create amendments
  • Upload documentation to maintain an "RWA File"
  • Search and download all kinds of RWA information

Click HERE [PDF - 254 KB] for an eRETA one-pager providing background and benefits of using the system!

Upcoming Presentations

Kick off the new Fiscal Year with eRETA! Register below for one of our training sessions to learn how to electronically manage your RWAs! These presentations are part of GSA's Client Enrichment Series. More info can be found at

Monthly "Quick Tips"

Each month the Reimbursable Services Program sends out an eRETA "Quick Tip" highlighting various system functionalities and enhancements. We want to help prepare you for October 1, 2019 when eRETA will become the only method to submit RWAs and RWA Work Requests to GSA, so please stay up to date on these Quick Tips and visit our eRETA Training Materials page for even more information on how to use eRETA!

How Can I Use the Direct Data Entry Features?

  • Have an existing eRETA user ID? Email us at to request an upgrade to the Data Entry role.
  • No eRETA user ID yet? Follow the three step "eRETA User Account Request Process" outlined on the "How Do I Access eRETA" page on the navigation bar to the left. Step 1 will ask you if you want the Read Only role or Data Entry role.

How Can I Use the Digital Signature Feature?

  • Everyone already has it, no user ID to eRETA is required. Signers just need a valid email address. See the "User Guide - Requesting and Applying Digital Signatures" below for more information on using Digital Signatures.

What are RETA and eRETA?

  • The RWA Entry and Tracking Application (RETA) is a web-based application used by GSA-PBS and customer agencies to automate and manage RWAs.
    • While eRETA stands for external RWA Entry and Tracking Application, eRETA and RETA are technically one application; the primary difference is that GSA employees log in internally (via PBS Portal) whereas customer agency users log in externally (via
      • NOTE: To help avoid login issues, only use as your browser's eRETA bookmark. Bookmarking any other link may result in difficulties logging into the PBS external Portal where eRETA is located.
    • Despite the combined name of the single application, customer agency users should continue to refer to the RWA application as eRETA, continue to access this page using the shortcut, and continue to email questions/issues to
  • All Customer agency users have access to the following screens:
    • RWA Search - basic Read-only view of all RWA Data Entry Screens representing the fields on the RWA 2957 Form
    • Financial Review Search - provides RWA Financial Activity sliced and diced in a variety of ways
    • Documentation Search - provides access to an electronic documentation file of all related documents for a given RWA
    • Estimate Search - provides access to Summary Cost Estimate and Overtime Utility Estimates and their related Data Entry screens (Read-only)
  • As noted at the top of the page, Customer agency users also have the ability to:
    • Identify and submit new project or service needs (known as "RWA Work Requests") directly to GSA via the eRETA application, as well as
    • Enter and submit new and amended RWAs directly to GSA via the eRETA application, as well as
    • Apply digital signatures from within eRETA.

RWA Billing Statements - VCSS

RWA Billing statements are not posted in eRETA, however they are available online. Go to the "Billing & Payment" section to learn how to obtain copies of RWA and HOTD Billing Statements.

eRETA Questions?

Visit our "Training and FAQs" page for eRETA Frequently Asked Questions as well!

For questions about eRETA or for access issues, please contact us at and we would be more than happy to provide further assistance!

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