Resources for Facility Professionals

A table top, with toy vegetables and other food on plates, with a child's hand holding one plate

Facility managers

GSA facility managers must maintain the space and equipment of child care facilities located in their buildings. The Property Manager’s Child Care Desk Guide [PDF - 5 MB] provides insight into:

  • Roles and responsibilities, agreements, and program standards.
  • Cleaning, designing, and maintenance.
  • Playgrounds and environmental health, safety, and security.

View our training on Maintaining GSA Child Care Facilities [PDF - 305 KB].

Child care center designers

How to plan and design child care centers

View the Child Care Center Design Guide [PDF - 2 MB] (and its amendment [PDF - 88 KB]) to learn how to:

  • Plan and design child care spaces that meet standards of quality.
  • Utilize our child care design process.
  • Furnish the site and building interior.
  • Make your child care center sustainable (using the sustainability best practices).

For further resources, facility managers should contact their Child Care Program Manager.

Last Reviewed: 2022-08-30