Long Term Lodging

Long Term Lodging (LTL) is designed for lodging needs of 30 nights or more. This program provides housing accommodations for temporary or permanent relocation and extended training assignments. Typical facilities include fully furnished apartment or condominium type properties with all the comforts of home.

To view the complete list of contractors please visit the Consolidated schedule holders under Category 531110. This list should prove useful to travel managers, human resources personnel or employees relocating or planning a detail and long-term assignment. When reviewing the list of contractors, you must select and view the Contractors/T&C price list for specific geographic coverage. Based on the length of stay, users can negotiate lower rates than those specified in the price lists. Most of them offer nationwide coverage.

Emergency Responders

Please visit the BPA for First Responders page for more information.

Long Term Lodging Contractors

Click to view GSA's list of available long term lodging providers through the 531110 schedule.
The city and state listed next to each company is only the vendor's corporate headquarters, not the locations of available lodging. If you click on each vendor's name you will find another page with a link to their website and their government POC. Contact the vendor directly to make lodging inquiries, check availability and book your stay.

Using our Long Term Lodging Program

  1. Gather your requirements: location of need, type of accommodation (single, double, etc.), and length of stay.
  2. Visit the GSA e-library to find the current list of GSA approved long term lodging providers.
  3. Share your requirements package with vendors you select.
  4. Agency works directly with vendor to make an award.

If you have any questions regarding Long Term Lodging, please contact: JT Maberry and Trevor Edwards at Joseph.Maberry@gsa.gov and Trevor.Edwards@gsa.gov.

The shortcut for this page is www.gsa.gov/longtermlodging.

Last Reviewed: 2021-10-06