GOV Recalls

Vehicle safety is a top priority for GSA. For this reason, GSA operates a robust recall management program. GSA's focus on awareness ensures stakeholders in possession of a GSA vehicle, or interested in acquiring one, have access to the most up to date information available from industry. These stakeholders can make a decision on appropriate courses of action based on all of the factors that may apply to a given situation. GSA will continue to work with the federal fleet community to prioritize the remedy of actionable recalls wherever possible and to ensure vehicles with a stop drive order or other special instructions get the appropriate level of attention. GSA will also continue to work with Congress and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on ways to improve the recall process.

Checking for open recalls is just as important as performing preventative maintenance that is due and ensuring tires, batteries, and brakes are operational. Whether you lease or own your vehicles, there are several easy, free, and web-based methods to identify open recalls. We encourage you to use the below tools to help you manage a safe fleet. If you need further assistance regarding recalls, please contact your local GSA Fleet Service Representative or GSA Fleet's Vehicle Management Division at

The National Highway Transportation Administration has an individual vehicle identification number (VIN) look up tool. Go to to see if your vehicle has an open recall.

Many of the vehicle manufacturers also offer tools to look up if a vehicle has a recall. Click on the vehicle manufacturer below to go to their individual recall pages with information on specific models.

CarFax has a bulk upload tool which allows you to receive details on open recalls and service campaigns for up to 10,000 VINs at one time. Below is the process to use the CarFax bulk upload tool:

Registration (for federal employees only):

  1. Go to
  2. Under Government/Businesses, click on "Request an Account"
  3. Fill out the form and click "Request an Account"
  4. CarFax will review and may send an email with questions
  5. Once approved, CarFax will send an email and ask that you create an account

Recall Checks:

  1. Login
  2. Create a .csv spreadsheet file that has a list of VINs (up to 10,000) in column A that you wish to check
  3. Click "Upload a New .CSV File"
  4. A report containing the uploaded VINs will be generated.

GSA Fleet leasing and FedFMS customers receive automated monthly open recall notices and can lookup open recalls through Reports CarryOut in GSA Fleet Drive-Thru.

Last Reviewed: 2022-12-06