Telematics empowers the federal government to maximize efficiency within fleet management. Executive Order 13834 Implementation Instructions highlights using telematics in the federal government.

Whether you purchase your vehicles or lease through GSA Fleet, there is a telematics solution for you. Select the topics below to learn more about GSA Fleet’s current telematics offerings.

GSA Fleet recently awarded a BPA to Geotab USA, Inc for telematics services for GSA Fleet leased vehicles.

The awarded telematics solution will improve oversight into fleet operations, individual vehicle performance, and driver safety. In addition, the new solution will provide GSA Fleet and customers access to a host of data and assist with automating resource dependent processes such as mileage reporting. Other advantages include:

  • mitigating additional contracting expenses for customer agencies
  • saving agencies time conducting their own market research
  • identifying cases in which customers may benefit from car sharing technology
  • reducing risky driving behaviors.
  • assisting agencies meet Asset Level Data (ALD) FAST reporting requirements.

Telematics Capabilities

Improve MPG
Decrease idling
Reduce speeding
Engine diagnostics
Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle inspections
Reduce paperwork
Streamline reporting

API integrations
Flexible and forward looking

Create zones
Utilization of assets
Route optimization
Reduce downtime

Risk & safety reports
Seatbelt use
Accident reconstruction

Ordering procedures and device management will be streamlined through the GSA Fleet’s Telematics Drive-Thru module (currently in development). You will have the option to choose from multiple service offerings (see details below), each with varying degrees of data service available. GSA Fleet will provide and pay for the installation of the devices, you simply opt in for expanded use and service. GSA Fleet will review requests and place the orders with the vendor. You will be billed for services on your monthly GSA Fleet bill. Awarded rates are nearly 20% discount off MAS schedule pricing.

Additional Telematics Services

ProPlus Subscription

(Requires ProPlus)

CAC/PIV Card Reader
(Requires ProPlus)

$13 per vehicle per month

$377.89 one time fee
+ $33.15 per month

$80 one time fee

View the GSA Fleet Telematics Fact Sheet [PDF - 482 KB] for more information.

View Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [PDF - 207 KB] on GSA Fleet's Telematics Program.

Agencies that require telematics devices on their agency owned vehicles may wish to procure devices through GSA IT Schedule 70.

As with any aftermarket up-fit of GSA Fleet leased vehicles, agencies are required to inform GSA Fleet. If your agency plans to install telematics devices on your GSA Fleet leased vehicles, GSA Fleet must be informed and approve the request before any devices can be installed. GSA Fleet requires a signed Letter of Agreement (LOA), including a vehicle listing of all the vehicles/VINs that are to be equipped with telematics before any installation can occur. The signed LOA and listing of vehicles can be sent to

Template for LOA for telematics [PDF - 17 KB].

Last Reviewed: 2020-06-15