Telematics refers to technology-based hardware tools to:

  • Collect;
  • Record; and
  • Transmit vehicle operational data.

The devices plug into the vehicle’s onboard dashboard computer and:

  • Record;
  • Store; and
  • Report data directly from the vehicle to a web-based reporting platform.

This data can be used to help you manage your fleet.

Whether you purchase your vehicles or lease through GSA, we have a telematics solution for your fleet.

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Installing Telematics on GSA Fleet Leased Vehicles

As with any aftermarket up-fit of a GSA Fleet leased vehicle, you are required to inform GSA Fleet. If your agency plans to install telematics devices in GSA Fleet leased vehicles, whether the device is purchased through the GSA BPA or another source, GSA must be informed of the vehicles the telematics devices are installed on.

GSA Fleet requires a signed Letter of Agreement to install any telematic device on a GSA Fleet leased vehicle. Complete the below form and a list of vehicles the devices are to be installed on and send to

Download the template for LOA for telematics [PDF - 17 KB].

Current Telematics Contract

GSA Fleet leveraged our purchasing power and awarded a government-wide Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to AT&T Mobility, Inc. This BPA provides federal agencies with the latest in Telematics technology at competitive prices. All federal agencies may use this BPA to purchase telematics, it is open to both GSA Fleet purchasing and leasing customers.

The new BPA with AT&T Mobility, Inc., offers two categories of telematics: GPS Tracking Only and GPS Tracking with Vehicle Diagnostics. The GPS Tracking Only option is ideal for medium duty vehicles.

Executive Order Reporting Requirement GPS Tracking Only Vehicle Diagnostics
Speed X X
Location Data X X
Idling X X
Utilization X X
Maintenance X
Fuel consumption X
Emissions (varies by year, manufacturer, make & model) X

Agencies place orders against the BPA, directly with AT&T Mobility, Inc. The rates listed in the table below have been pre-negotiated to allow for a simple, streamlined, ordering process.

Aftermarket Telematic Device/Plan
BPA number: GS-30F-CA051
GPS Tracking Only Vehicle Diagnostics
Total Upfront Costs (device and installation per unit) $146.55 $146.55
Monthly Data & Web Access Rate $10.00 $12.00

Visit the AT&T Mobility, Inc. webpage [a nongovernment website] for additional information and points of contact.

Download the GSA FY18 Telematics Package [ZIP - 15 MB] package. It includes additional information, ordering instructions and order form.

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